My Brother with Down Syndrome is THE MAN

My siblings and I agree that Jacob is the most responsible and organized of us.

My siblings and I agree that Jacob is the most responsible and organized of us.

by Eva Glettner -

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to read that Kara Marcum is going to be homecoming queen at Bolivar Central High School. This speaks volumes for the entire school. I am personally invested in this story. My brother, who is almost 30, has Down Syndrome. But before you start feeling bad for him, there are a few things that you should know. Jacob is THE MAN. Seriously. With his Ray Bans, Penguin shirts and New Balance sneaks, Jacob is cool to the max. He works out at the local gym and has the guns to prove it. Everyone is smitten by his infectious attitude. Jacob is always smiling and just grateful to welcome each day as it comes. His stint at a local coffee shop translated into almost immediately higher sales.

I’m not going to lie. When I was little, I remember thinking “I wish I didn’t have to bring Jacob along” to movies, the park, anywhere. But that thought was fleeting because my friends were so welcoming and loving. They would ask “are you bringing Jacob?” They looked past his speech impediment and his somewhat awkward gait and just saw him for what he is: absolute goodness. If anyone in public ever made Jacob feel uncomfortable, my friends and his friends were the first to step up. As my parents carted him to various therapies and doctors appointments, Jacob continued to get more and more awesome. His favorite movie growing up was “Muppets Take Manhattan” and we both learned the dialogue by heart after one-too-many viewings. “You hear that New York, the frog is staying!” was a quote that, to this day, is still stuck in my head.

Jacob really is taking the world by storm as we all knew that he would. He’s a big social media guy and let it be known that he invited me to join his Google Plus circle before I even set up an account. He has over 1,000 Facebook friends and that number grows by the minute. When one of my blogs was entered into a contest, he rallied up enough votes for me to win the thing. Jacob is a powerhouse.

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