Children with Dyslexia Commonly Suffer from Bullying

Almost every child with dyslexia suffers from bullying at school.

Almost every child with dyslexia suffers from bullying at school.

by Betsie Jonas -

Bullying seems like it is at an all-time high these days, with children ending their lives over the pain it causes. Reading Horizons seeks to end this cycle by releasing a video of Shantell Berrett discussing how she ended her son’s bully problem.

Berrett’s son suffers from Dyslexia, the most common learning disability affecting nearly ten percent of the population. Dyslexia includes difficulty in the use and processing of linguistic and symbolic codes, alphabetic letters representing speech sounds or numeric representing numbers or quantities.

According to, “Almost every dyslexic child suffers from bullying at some stage in their schooling.”

“I didn’t realize until a little later on how much he had endured as far as feeling inadequate at school and often being made fun of,” said Berrett of her son’s history with bullying. “I think the term he said he heard most was ‘Dumbo’.

Her son’s insightful fifth-grade teacher gave the class multiple options for a book report, including bringing in a guest speaker, for which Berrett was chosen. Berrett addressed the class and explained to them what Dyslexia was, and how it is caused by different wiring in the brain.

From this experience Berrett has concluded, “Kids aren’t always cruel just because they’re cruel, but because they don’t understand.”

At the end of that school year, she asked her son how the year was, to which he replied, “Mom, that’s the first year I haven’t been made fun of.” Berrett said, “That was huge. That was everything.”

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