Police trained to interact with people with autism spectrum disorder

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A retired police officer from Michigan has made it his mission to educate first-responders and others about how to more effectively interact with people with autism spectrum disorder. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says one in 68 American children is affected by autism spectrum disorder, and research indicates autistic people are seven times […]

Student film advocates for dyslexics in the education system

by Laura Mowat – A young woman with dyslexia is determined to change how sufferers are treated. Jo of Scholars Way in Amersham has created a documentary showing that dyslexia sufferers are at a disadvantage in the education system. In her new role as a young person’s ambassador, she will be supporting and educating people […]

ADHD medication may help lower visits to the ER

by Tara Haelle – Taking medication for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) might reduce the risk of young patients accidentally injuring themselves, new research suggests. When several thousand children and teens were taking methylphenidate, which is marketed as Ritalin or Concerta in the United States, they were a little less likely to end up in the […]

Natural ADHD treatment options

by Tresha Barrett – Let’s say you’ve set aside a few hours to get some things done — could be to put together a report for work, compose a toast for a friend’s wedding or maybe write an article on ADHD. But as soon as you sit down everything else (except the task at hand) […]

Autism and the benefits of exercise

Anthony Angelico is strong. His push-ups are performed with impressive stamina, and he can take on hurdles both forward and backwards. His coach, Dave Geslak, who has helped him implement this exercise regimen, is certainly proud of his many physical strides. But it’s not just his physique that’s improved. His mother Mary has noticed the difference, […]

Help kids with dyslexia by volunteering to create audio books

by Ashley Roten – Dyslexia is receiving more acknowledgement and awareness lately and is a growing problem for children and their ability to learn. Founded in 1948, national nonprofit Learning Ally aims to provide children with dyslexia with audiobooks to help with their learning battles. Learning Ally also provide parents, families and educators tools to […]

I realized my dyslexia included many advantages

by Lakeisha Leo – International speaker and dyslexia researcher Thomas West attended a seminar held as part of the Embrace Dyslexia campaign by the Dyslexia Association of Singapore. Dyslexia is a type of learning difficulty that primarily affects the skills involved in accurate and fluent word reading and spelling. YOU ARE DYSLEXIC. HOW DID YOUR PARENTS […]

Research links brain inflammation and autism

A new study on gene expression in brains affected by autism revealed a shared pattern of ramped-up immune responses that researchers say may lead to possible treatment options for some symptoms of the developmental disorder. Researchers from John Hopkins and the University of Alabama at Birmingham analyzed data collected from 72 autopsied autism and control […]

ADHD treatments, Q&A

by Aisha Sultan – Can you share the latest treatment options for children with ADHD? My son has been on Focalin for one year and has completed a social skills and emotional learning counseling. What else can we do to help him? Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann: There are many pharmaceutical treatments for ADHD, and it is […]

Yes, students can be dyslexic AND intellectually gifted

Gifted and Dyslexic: Twice Exceptional

by Kelli Sandman-Hurley – I would like to introduce you to Jennifer. Jennifer is in the eighth grade and earning good grades—no, she is getting great grades. According to her teachers she is a nice, compliant, intelligent student who is just a little on the quiet side. Her ideas are complex and interesting and she […]