Helping kids with ADHD learn organizational skills

by Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. – When it comes to school, we expect all kids to be organized. But we don’t realize just how complicated this really is, according to Elaine Taylor-Klaus, an educator and parenting coach. For kids with ADHD, getting organized is a big challenge. In fact, ADHD affects the very skills that are required […]

Brain protein finding could lead to Alzheimer’s treatment in Down syndrome

by Bradley J. Fikes – A team at the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute in La Jolla has reported an explanation for why people with Down syndrome often develop Alzheimer’s disease. The study builds on research last year that suggested a cause for the mental disability that accompanies Down syndrome. If the continuing analysis results in […]

Students improve reading skills and motivation at technology-based reading center

by Albert Jackson – Among students with specific learning disabilities receiving special education services, 70 to 80 percent have deficits in reading, according to the International Dyslexia Association. At Canyon View School, which serves students with special needs from ages five to 22, our students are diverse in terms of their disabilities. More than 80 […]

Student with Down syndrome earns recognition for self-advocacy

Fourth grader Dashiell Meier.

by Elena Kadvany – Dashiell Meier might be Palo Alto’s most accomplished 10 year old. The Ohlone Elementary School fourth-grader with Down syndrome has been to Sacramento several times to advocate for Down syndrome awareness. This February, he traveled to Capitol Hill to meet with members of Congress as a representative of the Silicon Valley […]

Delaying a diagnosis of autism helps no one

by Karola Dillenburger – Many children with autism are put on waiting lists and miss out on early behavioral interventions and other benefits because health professionals are reluctant to diagnose autism early out of fear of labeling young children. Until recently “autism is a lifelong developmental disability” was repeated in nearly all descriptions and definitions […]

Study finds autism brain is no different from any other

by Neuroskeptic – A new paper threatens to turn the world of autism neuroscience upside down. Its title is Anatomical Abnormalities in Autism?, and it claims that, well, there aren’t very many. Published in Cerebral Cortex by Israeli researchers Shlomi Haar and colleagues, the new research reports that there are virtually no differences in brain anatomy between […]

Integrated Play Groups teach kids on the spectrum valuable social skills

It’s an often-agonizing challenge facing any parent of a child with autism: How can I help my son or daughter socialize with his or her typically developing peers? The solution, SF State’s Pamela Wolfberg found, may lie in a different type of playgroup that focuses on collaborative rather than adult-directed activities. A new study shows […]

Study links births by c-section with risk of autism

by Sophie Borland – Babies born by Caesarean section may be more likely to develop autism, research shows. Research found the procedure appeared to increase the chances by a quarter – although there is no clear explanation. But academics urge women not be alarmed by the findings as the overall risk of autism remains very […]

Life with autism once school supports are over

by Jenny Wells – Melanie Tyner-Wilson is facing one of her toughest battles yet. She wants nothing more than to help her son Jay Tyner-Wilson, who is a person with autism, land his first real job. Public school provided opportunities for Jay to gain volunteer vocational experience. There, he discovered he enjoyed working with animals—and […]

Five clues your child may have adhd

by Rheyanne Weaver – Although it’s only been a couple months since school started for most children, there is no better time than the present to focus on your children’s progress, especially if they show symptoms of ADHD. In fact, the classroom is an important setting to pay attention to. It can clearly show if […]