Dyslexia advocates stress the importance of early diagnosis

by Kristy MacKaben – In preschool Lucas Baronello of Antioch had difficulty learning the alphabet, even though his mother Angela faithfully read to him every day and tried to teach him. In kindergarten, Lucas dreaded going to school, and by first grade he complained of daily headaches and stomach pains. Lucas, 10, has dyslexia, but […]

Is it ADHD or lack of sleep?

by Aerial Liese – Children in the United States are more sleep deprived than anywhere else in the world, with 70 to 80 percent of school-aged children falling short of experts’ recommendations, according to researchers at Boston College. What are experts’ recommendations? Guidelines from the National Sleep Foundation recommend the following: 2 to 3 year […]

Do only people with “cute” disabilities matter?

by David M. Perry – Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan declared October Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Ever since, too many efforts at awareness have relied on pictures of people with Down syndrome being cute, accompanied by constant, upbeat assertions that they and their families are all very happy. Throughout October, adorable photos of people with Down syndrome and […]

Special ed attorney called out on trying to mislead the court

by Lauren McGaughy – What began as an unusual case involving a potentially suicidal special education student took another strange turn last week, when a federal judge rebuked the family’s attorney for allegedly attempting to mislead the court. It’s rare for an education case of this type to reach the federal appeals court, and its […]

Dyslexia, the “blind” disability

The Landmark School

By Cindy Atoji Keene – At the Landmark School, Adam Hickey is charged with sifting through the most recent studies on dyslexia to help best meet the academic needs of students at this private school for language-based learning disabilities. “An incredible amount of research on the human brain — in the fields of education, neuroscience, […]

Special ed students learn life skills through entrepreneurship program

by Wendy Sledd – Kyliegh Courtland gently laid the green ribbon down on the glass, ensuring it was straight in all of the corners. The 17-year-old sophomore closed a screen over the ribbon, picked up a brush full of blue paint, and swiped it across the screen. She lifted the screen to inspect her work. […]

Leading an independent life with Down syndrome

by Dan.D’Addona – It happened months ago, but there is still a sparkle in his eye when he talks about it. Zach Aalderink is still excited about shooting a hole-in-one on the golf course. “I started looking for my ball and it was in the hole,” Aalderink said as he raised his arms just like […]

Broccoli sprout extract as autism therapy

by Amy Norton – A compound extracted from broccoli sprouts may improve some social and behavioral problems that affect people with autism, a new study suggests. The study was short-term and small, including just over 40 teenage boys and young men with autism. And experts stressed that no one is saying broccoli — or its […]

Designer with Down syndrome launches clothing line

Clothing Designer, Ashley DeRamus

by Margot Peppers – A mother-daughter team have founded one of two new fashion lines designed specifically for people with Down syndrome. Due to her genetic disorder, Ashley DeRamus, 32, from Hoover, Alabama, is a petite 5ft tall, has shorter arms, a wider build, a short torso and high knees – characteristics that are typical […]