Kids with ADHD more likely to have speech and language delays

by Serena Gordon –  Children who have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are nearly three times more likely to have language problems than kids without ADHD, according to new research. And those language difficulties can have far-reaching academic consequences, the study found. The study, published online April 21 in Pediatrics, looked at 6- to 8-year-olds with and without ADHD in […]

Denying ADHD damages people with the disorder

by Gina Pera – When a headline features the word “drugging,” the report about ADHD that follows will not be well-balanced. Such was the case with Esquire’s recent salvo into the topic, “The Drugging of the American Boy.” Esquire joins The New York Times in treating one of the most well-researched and documented conditions in […]

Kids with ADHD and anxiety disorders have a lower quality of life


Nearly half of all children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder also have an anxiety disorder. It’s important to understand how these disorders together affect children. A recent study investigated how children functioned and how their quality of life was affected if they had both ADHD and anxiety. “Although anxiety is common in children with ADHD, the influence of anxiety […]

ADHD medication abuse by students continues to rise

Around this time of year, you’re more likely to find college students in the library cramming for final exams than out partying. In an environment where the workload is endless and there’s always more to be done, a quick fix to help buckle down and power through becomes very tempting. Prescription ADHD medications like Adderall, […]

ADHD meds can and do help students at school

by Dr. Zorba Paster – Dear Dr. Z: My wife and I home-school our son because when we first enrolled him in school, the teachers said he had ADHD. We wondered if they were right. He moves around all the time except when he’s on his Kindle or iPad, but one-on-one he can concentrate. I […]

Social skills training for ADHD

Q: Our son has just been diagnosed with ADHD, and we have been told he may need social skills training. He is in third grade, and this is all very new and foreign. Do you know anything about this training, and what does this mean for his future school endeavors? A: The first and most important […]

Is SCT the new ADHD?

by Carly Helfand – There could be a new attention disorder on the block in the future–one that could open up a new patient pool for ADHD drugmakers Eli Lilly ($LLY), Shire ($SHPG) and others. But with pharma critics adept at pointing fingers at companies for “disease-mongering,” it’s one that could open up a new […]

Overmedicating in the foster care system

by Claudia Gold – A recent study, one that received relatively scant media attention (compared with a concurrent New York Times piece about a new psychiatric diagnosis termed “sluggish cognitive tempo” that may be the “new ADHD”) showed that antipsychotics are being prescribed to nearly one third of kids (age 2-17) in foster care who […]

I Have An ADHD Question

by Kelly Babcock – There are hundreds of questions about ADHD that one might ask. Is it contagious? Is it spontaneous? Is it hereditary? Is it something that can start later in life? Is it trauma induced? No! No. Yes. We don’t think so. Possibly. Is it over-diagnosed? Is it under-diagnosed? Good question. The reality […]

“Sluggish cognitive tempo” us the new attention disorder

by Alan Schwarz – With more than six million American children having received a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, concern has been rising that the condition is being significantly misdiagnosed and overtreated with prescription medications. Yet now some powerful figures in mental health are claiming to have identified a new disorder that could vastly […]

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