Broccoli sprout extract as autism therapy

by Amy Norton – A compound extracted from broccoli sprouts may improve some social and behavioral problems that affect people with autism, a new study suggests. The study was short-term and small, including just over 40 teenage boys and young men with autism. And experts stressed that no one is saying broccoli — or its […]

Autism-vaccines link study goes viral, and is retracted, again

by Sydney Lupkin – An autism study that was slammed by experts and retracted this week by its publisher is still alive and well on the Internet, thanks to what critics are calling a perfect storm of lax publishing standards. Experts say the lone study author played fast and loose with statistics to show a link […]

Author’s new novel features girl with autism

by Ashley Strickland – It’s been almost 15 years since “The Baby-Sitters Club” held its last meeting, when author Ann M. Martin decided it was time to move beyond Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Jessi and their friends from the popular book series. But Martin has continued to write about adolescent experiences, from first loves to […]

Don’t act so surprised, girls have autism too

by Bee Rowlatt – “I dread her becoming a teenager. My worst fear is her entering a world that doesn’t understand her.” Lizzie* has a seven-year-old daughter, Maya*, who is on the autistic spectrum. “If Maya has a meltdown in public I sometimes have to restrain her physically, so she can’t run away. She screams […]

Awareness events support families and children with autism

by Erin McPherson – Autism is a developmental disorder that many people think is an intellectual issue, but that’s all wrong. It’s a genetic based syndrome that affects social interaction and behavior. Over the years there have been many improvements in helping all of those with this disorder and their family members. 5 News spoke […]

Deficit in predictive skills could be neurological foundation for autism

by Anne Trafton – Autism is characterized by many different symptoms: difficulty interacting with others, repetitive behaviors, and hypersensitivity to sound and other stimuli. MIT neuroscientists have put forth a new hypothesis that accounts for these behaviors and may provide a neurological foundation for many of the disparate features of the disorder. The researchers suggest […]

Parents and providers for children with autism in military families against TRICARE changes

by Tim Devaney – Military families are concerned they could lose medical help for their autistic children because of planned spending cuts at the Pentagon. As part of an effort to reduce its healthcare costs, the Pentagon is planning to slash payments in half to providers who work with autistic children under TRICARE, the military’s […]

Mice genetic model shows autism may originate in the womb

by Nicholette Zeliadt – Mice with mutations in the autism-linked gene WDFY3 have enlarged brains reminiscent of those seen in some children with autism, finds a study published 8 September in Nature Communications. The brain overgrowth begins in the womb, the study found. WDFY3 plays a role in autophagy, a process that rids cells of damaged or unneeded […]

The magical world theory of autism

By Geoffrey Mohan – The brain is a biological machine that makes predictions. But what happens when a wrench is thrown in the works, and jams up the ability to foresee the trajectory of a moving object, or what happens after a frown? Researchers at MIT believe such a wrench lies at the core of […]