No scientific link between autism and vaccines, really

What started the rumors? 1998: Lancet published a paper by Dr. Andrew Wakefield it was a dramatic study that found a connection between autism and vaccines. The Study Had Some Problems: • Not based on statistics • No control group • It relied on people’s memories • Made vague conclusions that weren’t statistically valid No […]

Teens with autism organize fundraising race

Nick Smith’s hopes are as big as his smile. Huge. Infectious. The Chebanse teen isn’t defined by his autism, he says. Instead, what stands out is his generosity and selflessness toward finding a cure for the neurodevelopmental disorder that affects an estimated 1 in 68 children by age 8. The first-ever “Colors on the Run,” […]

Autism treatment for infants raises hopes of reversing its symptoms

by Maggie Fox, Erika Edwards and Judy Silverman – Here’s how you might be able to turn autism around in a baby: Carefully watch her cues, and push just a little harder with that game of peek-a-boo or “This little piggy.” But don’t push too hard — kids with autism are super-sensitive. That’s what Sally […]

Intellectual versus learning disability


by Dr. Lorin Bradbury – Question: Is Intellectual Disability a Learning Disability? And if it’s not a Learning Disability, what is the difference? Great question! Intellectual Disability, until recently was called Mental Retardation, and it is not a Learning Disability. Intellectual Disability is a neurodevelopmental disorder and in which there is subaverage intellectual functioning that […]

The role of the cerebellum in autism

by Russell Saunders – You’ve got to feel a little bit sorry for the cerebellum. When most people think of the brain and its various functions, chances are it’s the cerebrum they think of. With its two hemispheres and layer of gray matter known as the cerebral cortex, this is the part of the organ […]

Autism is new comic book hero’s superpower

by Hallie Jackson – Extraordinary superpowers, high-flying villains and fearless, world-saving heroes are the stuff of countless comic books. But the newest star to hit the comic circuit is different than most. Michael is a comic book character with autism – a hero with a mathematical mind, artistic gift and an abundance of compassion. Face Value […]

Top high school runner happens to have autism

Mike Brannigan is one of the top 10 high school runners in the country.

by Kate Snow – Mike Brannigan is obsessed with running. The repetitive motion. The rhythm he finds. The way he can focus on his body and nothing else. “I love to work hard and have fun. And just beat my personal best and keep improving to that next level,” he says. At 17, Mike Brannigan […]

Study shows no increase in autism

by Julia Belluz – If you were to believe newspaper reports and anecdotal evidence about autism, you probably think rates of the disorder are exploding around the world. But a new study — the most extensive review of the data on the global prevalence and incidence of autism, published in the journal Psychological Medicine — actually found rates have […]

Animal therapy is a good supplement to autism treatment

by Lane Therrell – Children with autism may benefit from spending time with animals, whether the animals are part of a formalized animal therapy program, farm animals or family pets. The presence of an animal can help a child to focus, and provides an opportunity for interaction that is soothing to the perpetually over-stimulated synapses […]