Police trained to interact with people with autism spectrum disorder

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A retired police officer from Michigan has made it his mission to educate first-responders and others about how to more effectively interact with people with autism spectrum disorder. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says one in 68 American children is affected by autism spectrum disorder, and research indicates autistic people are seven times […]

Autism and the benefits of exercise

Anthony Angelico is strong. His push-ups are performed with impressive stamina, and he can take on hurdles both forward and backwards. His coach, Dave Geslak, who has helped him implement this exercise regimen, is certainly proud of his many physical strides. But it’s not just his physique that’s improved. His mother Mary has noticed the difference, […]

Research links brain inflammation and autism

A new study on gene expression in brains affected by autism revealed a shared pattern of ramped-up immune responses that researchers say may lead to possible treatment options for some symptoms of the developmental disorder. Researchers from John Hopkins and the University of Alabama at Birmingham analyzed data collected from 72 autopsied autism and control […]

The most promising autism research project is launched

A research project by Google and Autism Speaks to sequence and study human genomes and seek a breakthrough for autism was officially launched today. News of the partnership between the tech giant and the science and advocacy organization was first announced in June. The project aims to break new ground in understanding or treatment of […]

Strangers nationwide send boy with autism Christmas presents

by Ted Land – It can be so hard to shop for some people during the holiday season, especially kids, who always want the latest video games, movies, and toys. This year, a boy in Blaine, Washington, made a peculiar request and now he’s getting dozens of gifts daily from people he’s never even met. […]

Mother’s advocacy efforts support students with autism

by James D. Watts Jr. – Many visitors to the home of Keenan and Kim Grayson are greeted by their highly energetic and enthusiastically vocal 10-year-old son, Asher. Like many young people his age, Asher has his favorite TV shows – ones that have been recorded and that he flips through by swiping the tablet […]

Military families remain concerned about autism coverage changes

by Steve Liewer – Nine-year-old Dell Parks can count by fives to 100, blow on a trombone and knock out a stack of math flashcards three minutes faster than a week ago. He jumps up and down with joy. The smiling, outgoing youngster is hardly the same little boy with severe symptoms of autism whose […]

If only more companies would use technology to support employees with disabilities

Here are some examples of what some tech companies do help their workforce with disabilities: Accenture Accenture, in partnership with Leonard Cheshire Disability(LCD) has developed the Jobability portal that serves as an industry interface between persons with disability (PwD) and prospective employers. This is a new milestone and a step ahead towards our commitment towards I&D. […]