Using the prom to teach daily living skills

Two students in the fashion class at Wisconsin Dells High School.

by Anna Krejci – A special education teacher at Wisconsin Dells High School is making sure her students have a memorable prom. Prom is April 26 at Wisconsin Dells High School, and Mary Bebber, a special education teacher of 20 years, is using her own time and a school van to take six of her […]

Five things to never say to the parents of a child with autism

by Karen Siff Exkorn – We know they mean well. Or at least we hope they do. All of the family, friends, co-workers and even strangers who approach parents of children on the autism spectrum with words that really should never have left their mouths in the first place. Words that often unintentionally hurt or […]

State report offers recommendations to improve special education quality

Projects set 2

by Tom Davis – The New Jersey School Boards Association released the final report of its Special Education Task Force in South Brunswick on Thursday. The task force spent over a year studying ways public schools could control costs while preserving the quality of special education programs and services. Titled “Special Education: A Service, Not […]

How can there be a 30 percent increase in autism in just two years?

by Enrico Gnaulati – Rates of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are not creeping up so much as leaping up. New numbers just released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that one in 68 children now has a diagnosis of ASD—a 30 percent increase in just two years. In 2002, about one in […]

Inclusive preschool program teachers earn recognition

by Jennifer Fedor – Research emphasizes that strong early learning programs dictate future academic success for all students. On March 25, at Green Acres Recreational Center on Main Street in Fairfax, Halley Elementary School teachers Rebecca Bailey and Joni Smith received the Exemplary Inclusive Practice Award from Fairfax County Preschool Division of Early Childhood Education. […]

More evidence that autism begins well before birth

The symptoms of autism may not be obvious until a child is a toddler, but the disorder itself appears to begin well before birth. Brain tissue taken from children who died and also happened to have autism revealed patches of disorganization in the cortex, a thin sheet of cells that’s critical for learning and memory, […]

Family life with autism

From left: Garret Hoff, C.J Rabine, Ira Bauer-Spector, Chase Anichini, and Shayne Cole after a performance of Pinkalicious! The Musical in Rippledink's Repertory at San Diego Junior Theater

by Bradley J. Fikes – Autism never affects just one person. It changes the lives of entire households. How well they can cope depends on the condition’s severity and the support available to each family. The public, too, plays a role. Here are the stories of how three affected families live with autism. Garret Hoff […]

Understanding what sensory processing disorder can do to your child

My son, Dar: Sensory issues hurt him, but we try not to

by Lynette Louise – Often we read about the anxiety inherent in autism and the sensory-processing issues of the disorder but seldom (if ever) have I come across an explanation of how the processing issue recreates the childhood from one of support into one of abuse even when the people around you are supportive and […]

Susan Boyle relieved by Asperger’s diagnosis

by Pam Wright – Back in December when Susan Boyle revealed that she had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, she never realized how her life would change. Throughout most of her life, the 52-year-old Scottish singer — who rose to fame on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 — was considered “brain damaged” by doctors, was called “Susie Simple” as a […]

We finally relaxed after getting the autism diagnosis we had dreaded

by Shanell Mouland – You know what sucked? The months leading up to Kate’s diagnosis sucked. The months directly after were a cakewalk in comparison. I’ve written before about how I knew something was different about Kate. I guess even earlier than those months before her diagnosis she wasn’t connecting with us and she appeared […]

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