NASCAR joins Down syndrome research efforts

by Maureen Wallace – Long ago, I shifted from fear to acceptance when it comes to my 4-year-old son Charlie’s extra chromosome. I love every bit of him, including his DNA. But what’s not acceptable is that Charlie has a greater chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease because he has Down syndrome. NASCAR driver David Ragan loves to drive fast […]

Suggesting pregnancy termination for Down syndrome is a form of hate speech

by Margaret Sullivan – It started with the biologist Richard Dawkins, who on Twitter last month suggested that women have a moral obligation to abort their fetuses after they get a Down syndrome diagnosis. Responding to a question from a pregnant woman, he wrote: “Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring […]

Deciding to embrace Down syndrome

To the Editor: Re “The Truth About Down Syndrome,” by Jamie Edgin and Fabian Fernandez (Op-Ed, Aug. 29): Two and a half years ago, I had the very choice the biologist Richard Dawkins and others deem so simple. Continue my pregnancy with a Down syndrome fetus, or terminate? I was 37, happily married, with one […]

A mother’s view on raising a child with Down syndrome


by Birmingham Mail – Four years and four months ago I gave birth to my youngest child. It was a traumatic birth and emotions were running high. We knew our child would be going to the special care unit at Leicester Royal to support his breathing but, on meeting our son, we were given some […]

Grandparents share story of grandchild with Down syndrome given up for adoption

by Julian Robinson – A couple have told of their grief after their weeks-old grandchild, born with Down Syndrome, was given up for adoption and separated from her twin sister. The grandparents, who have chosen not to be identified, have described how the tiny baby was handed over to social services while the parents decided […]

Individuals with Down syndrome are key contributors to Alzheimer’s research

by Jon Hamilton – When researchers at the University of California, San Diego wanted to study an experimental Alzheimer’s drug last year, they sought help from an unlikely group: people with Down syndrome. “I had a CAT scan on my head, and I was in a special machine. It’s called an MRI,” says Justin McCowan, […]

Information on Down Syndrome pamphlets should not come from legislators

by Paul Jablow – There is no escaping the fact that I’m an agnostic, pro-choice liberal still rooted in an era when people didn’t buy Ronald Reagan’s mantra that “government is the problem.” There is also no escaping – and no desire to escape – the fact that I have an absolutely wonderful daughter who […]

Young man with Down syndrome enters signature jams in food competition

by Leah Binkovitz – Nolan Stilwell steps into his black chef’s jacket. He’s moving slowly, thoughtfully. His father, Randy Stilwell, helps with the sleeves and buttons. Normally Nolan would don a gauzy white cap to work in the kitchen, but today he has a show to put on. He goes instead with a snug black […]

Law to provide parents a Down syndrome information kit is signed

by Marie McCullough – Pennsylvania has joined a small but growing number of states requiring that a Down syndrome diagnosis be accompanied by useful, accurate information about the genetic disorder. The Down Syndrome Prenatal and Postnatal Education Act, effective Oct. 1, mandates that medical practitioners give expectant or new parents “informational publications,” to be provided […]

Artist finds inspiration in son with Down syndrome

by Bobby Bozeman – Shoals artist Martha Beadle said she thinks of her abilities and style as a gift. Beadle’s son Sam has Down syndrome. And when he finished high school at the age of 21 there was nothing for him except the sheltered workshop. He had a complete shutdown, Beadle said. “He went through […]