Son fuels parent passion to work for Down syndrome cause

Margie Doyle and her son, Colin.

Sean and Margie Doyle raised their four kids and Margie, figuring that one path was ending and another path was opening, had just gone back to her career. Were they in for a surprise, one Margie calls “a big, beautiful surprise.” At 45, Margie found out she was pregnant. She knew there were risks. Tests […]

Why my son went to great lengths to adopt a child with Down syndrome

Any adoption is expensive.

by Kerry Hubartt – Another grandchild joined the Hubartt family recently, the 16th in the group, the fifth boy, the sixth adopted and the second with Down syndrome. Both children with Down syndrome are adopted, the first from South Korea, the most recent from Hong Kong. Coincidentally, my son and daughter-in-law left for Hong Kong […]

Couple with Down syndrome plans wedding


by Jocelyn Tatum – Austin Wayne Underwood was born in 1978 with Down syndrome. His mother has since spent her life fighting to make sure he would have a normal life. She fought the Fort Worth school system that tried to keep him segregated so he could go to Ridglea Hills. She even found a […]

Information is invaluable for parents of children with Down Syndrome

by Nicolino Di Benedetto Being dealt a full house, trying to win the lottery or attempting to pick the perfect March Madness bracket; the odds are against you … and it’s not even close. Having a child with Down syndrome is more likely to happen than any of those acts, and it’s completely random. Down syndrome […]

We shouldn’t let Down syndrome label anyone

by Emma Higginbotham – Clutching a stuffed kangaroo and beaming up at our photographer, Mara Clark is perfect model material. Blonde, scrumptious and brimming with personality, she’s completely unfazed as he snaps away. “She’s a little poser,” laughs her mum, Michelle. Mara, who turns 2 in June, is used to having her photograph taken – […]

Children with Down Syndrome inspire and bring us joy

by Paula Kavolius – When I was in high school, I volunteered in a special needs classroom. Mrs. Doorly led that classroom with a pleasant disposition and authentic concern for others. One of my neighbors, who had Down Syndrome, was in that classroom which made it an amazing place that I wanted to visit more […]

Fan With Down Syndrome joins World Cup winner team for a day

Fans of soccer call the sport the most beautiful game in the world. Brazilian giants Corinthians made it especially beautiful for 26-year-old Caio Tadeu Batista who was signed by the team to mark World Down Syndrome Day on Friday, March 21. Batista is a member of Brazil’s national futsal team for athletes with Down syndrome. […]

Addressing Down syndrome health care

by Klaudia Khan – Down syndrome is one of the most common genetic disorders causing mild to moderate developmental disability. It is also probably one of the most easily identifiable genetic syndromes due to the distinctive physical features of people affected by it. But just because most people can recognize Down syndrome does not mean […]

Decades ago, a child with Down syndrome would have been institutionalized

by IreneNorth – Friends, families and local residents gathered for a potluck Friday to raise awareness about Down syndrome. As individuals with Down syndrome become more integrated into society, the need for widespread public education and acceptance has increased. “They want to be accepted and loved, just like everyone else,” said Cindy Grosskopf. According to […]

School celebrates Down Syndrome Day

by Elena Ruiz – Eric Olson had a message about Down Syndrome for his community and for the sake of the children he teaches and cares for at Bataan Elementary School. “Our message is that our kids are just like everyone else,” he said on Thursday — the day that is internationally recognized as World […]

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