New law says prenatal Down syndrome diagnoses should be followed with information to parents

by Megan Harris – Gov. Tom Corbett signed a bill that requires genetic counselors and other types of health care practitioners to provide parents with educational information once the practitioner make a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis. The legislation became law last week thanks in large part to 11-year-old Chloe Kondrich of Upper St. Clair, who […]

Parents will get information on Down syndrome care per new passed law

by Campbell North – Ever since her birth, Chloe Kondrich has taken her family on an unexpected journey. Chloe, born with Down syndrome in 2003, has now led the family up the steps of the State Capitol. This morning in Harrisburg, Gov. Tom Corbett is expected to sign the Down Syndrome Prenatal Education Act, otherwise […]

Comments to avoid about a child with Down syndrome

by Naomi Williamson – In a well-meaning effort to support fellow women, sometimes we get it wrong-and this is often the case around the subject of Down syndrome. According to Shari Bottego, president of the Down Syndrome Association of Central New York, “The words that people use can help all individuals lead complete and enriching […]

Antibiotic is potential Down syndrome treatment

Using an inexpensive antibiotic, researchers have corrected many abnormalities in a group of brain cells associated with Down syndrome. The common genetic disorder is caused by the presence of a portion or entire third copy of chromosome 21, instead of the normal two copies, one from each parent. Down syndrome is marked by mild to […]

MMA fighter with Down syndrome sues for the right to compete

by Chris Serico – A 24-year-old Mixed Martial Arts fighter with Down syndrome, Garrett Holeve says he’s ready for a fight, but to him, his fiercest opponents aren’t in the ring: They’re the people stopping him from climbing into it. “I can (do it). Don’t mess with me,” Holeve told “I’m a blue belt.” […]

We need to Lose the Label for kids with Down syndrome

Mara from Lose the Label.

by Joanne Sweeney – Every day children are born with the genetic condition that carries differing levels of learning disability with it, along with distinctive physical characteristics and sometimes a range of other medical conditions. Down syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome in a baby’s cells – this extra chromosome occurs purely […]

Skull scan shows potential Down syndrome medieval find

by Joseph Castro – The earliest probable case of Down syndrome in the archaeological record comes from a 5- to 7-year-old child who lived in medieval France some 1,500 years ago, new research shows. The child, who is also the youngest example of the condition in the archaeological record, likely was not stigmatized in life, […]

Study advocates information on Down syndrome to counteract pregnancy terminations

A new study examines society’s response to Down syndrome and offers recommendations, particularly education in the medical field, to improve the lives of individuals with the genetic condition. “Ninety-nine percent of individuals diagnosed with Down syndrome report being happy with their lives. Studies also show that their joy has a ripple effect in their families […]

Down syndrome brain study may help treat Alzheimer’s

by Annette Karmiloff-Smith – Alzheimer’s disease is typically a disease of later life, and age is the biggest known risk factor for the condition. But babies with Down syndrome, who always develop brains like those with Alzheimer’s later in life, don’t always go on to develop dementia. A study that I am involved in, called […]

Player runs tennis lessons inspired by sister with Down syndrome

by Tyler Killette – Heat radiates off the McIntosh Middle School tennis courts on a cloudless June afternoon, but the harsh sun is no match for the unflinching morale of BUDS Tennis players. The volunteer-run program, founded by Riverview High School student Allison Davis, 17, uses tennis as a medium to offer fitness lessons to […]