Down syndrome foundation contributes to cognitive research

by Mary Pritchard – Formerly known as the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation (DSRTF), the LuMind Foundation marked their 10th anniversary with a new name. With board members and events all over the country, and its home office in Marlborough, LuMind focuses on Down syndrome (Ds) cognition research. “The foundation was founded by two couples – Roger and Dawn Kafker, […]

I swelled with pride when my daughter competed in spelling bee

by Amy Julia Becker – As the mother of an 8-year old with Down syndrome, I sometimes get annoyed by headlines trumpeting the everyday accomplishments of kids with intellectual disabilities. Heart warming stories of the teenager with Down syndrome who shot a three-pointer for the basketball team, or ran the field for a touchdown, or […]

Down syndrome through a mother’s camera lens

by David Rosenberg – Sian Davey, a mother of four, was pregnant with her youngest child when she was told that there was a good chance her daughter would be born with Down syndrome. While the decision to go through with the pregnancy was an easy one for Davey, it didn’t prepare her for what […]

Thousands of birthday greetings are mailed to man with Down syndrome

A man with Down syndrome in France got truckloads of cards — some 30,000 from around the world — for his 30th birthday, after his mother put out a call on Facebook that went viral. By the time Manuel Parisseaux’s birthday rolled around on Saturday so many letters had arrived his family in Calais in […]

Mental health issues of children with intellectual disability need to be addressed

by Richard Hastings, Bruce Tonge, Glenn Melvin, Kylie Gray, Vaso Totsika – High-quality epidemiological research shows children and adolescents with intellectual disability are four times more likely to have diagnosable mental health problems compared to others their age. This mental health inequality clearly needs attention. Part of the problem is a process called diagnostic overshadowing: […]

Life split before and after hearing the words: Down syndrome

by Valle Dwight – I think it’s serendipitous that my second son’s birthday is so close to Mother’s Day. When Aidan arrived, I had already been a mother for more than three years. My first son, Timmy — a strong-willed, inquisitive boy — had taught my husband, Phil, and me many things, like how to […]

One father’s life after Down syndrome


by Corbie Hill – Paul Austin’s daughter, Sarah, is thoughtful and helpful, though she goes about it her own way. He recalls an awful day, years ago, when he went for an angry walk after getting in a fight with his brother over the phone. Paul had a broken arm, his wife Sally was out […]

Before having my own, I was cynically skeptical about loving children with Down syndrome

by Meriah Nichols – What feels like a million years ago, I visited Baby Center’s Down syndrome Board. I was immersing myself in the questions, the comments, the endless threads. The talk, the chatter, the crying, the heartache. The “brags.” One signature struck me in particular: “I never knew I wanted a child with Down syndrome until […]

Couple with Down syndrome get thousands of fans after prom photo

by Amber Elliott – Sydney Simpson wanted only one boy to escort her to Seven Lakes High School’s senior dance: Jake Shabet. Simpson and Shabet both have Down syndrome. The pair met near the beginning of the school year last year, and the 17-year-old decided early on that Shabet was her boyfriend, says her mother, […]

Brain protein finding could lead to Alzheimer’s treatment in Down syndrome

by Bradley J. Fikes – A team at the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute in La Jolla has reported an explanation for why people with Down syndrome often develop Alzheimer’s disease. The study builds on research last year that suggested a cause for the mental disability that accompanies Down syndrome. If the continuing analysis results in […]