Artist finds inspiration in son with Down syndrome

by Bobby Bozeman – Shoals artist Martha Beadle said she thinks of her abilities and style as a gift. Beadle’s son Sam has Down syndrome. And when he finished high school at the age of 21 there was nothing for him except the sheltered workshop. He had a complete shutdown, Beadle said. “He went through […]

Photographer proudly uses children models with disabilities

by Annabel Fenwick Elliott – A photographer and doting mom – frustrated with the lack of children with disabilities represented in the countless back-to-school campaigns currently circulating – has taken matters into her own hands. Kathryn Driscoll, 40, a mother-of-four based in Palos Park, Chicago, whose only daughter Grace, four, has Down syndrome, has produced […]

Football coach names friends with Down syndrome team captains

by Lauren Zakalik – Football season is back in Sanger, and the only thing more certain than getting sacked and sweaty in practice is seeing Blake Pyron and Austin Waters on the sidelines. “Especially when you’re tired and coming off the field, and you see them yelling with the crowd — [it] makes you feel […]

Happy to live with our adult son with Down syndrome

by Mardra Sikora - The first thing you should know is this: My son Marcus is an adult with Down syndrome and he lives with us, not because he has to, but because we want to live together. Like millions, actually well over six million, families with adult children who live “at home” in the U.S. today, […]

Non-profit gives young adults with special needs a community

by Diane Murray – All most parents truly want is for their children to have a full life of their own. When you hear the news your child has a disability, your heart breaks a bit thinking that simple dream will not ever be possible. That’s how I felt when my son, Matt, was diagnosed […]

Disability prejudices continue to pop-up in the media

by David Perry – “I am like, I am so (BLEEP) high. This is terrible. And I did it in that voice. And I have never done that voice before in my life. I don’t know where that voice came from. But I heard myself use that voice. And in my mind, I went, oh […]

Our daughter with Down syndrome enriches our family

by Tom Bachofner – When I heard about the Australian couple who have refused to take one of their surrogate twins, because he has Down Syndrome, my heart broke. Because I have a two-year-old little girl, Rosie, with Down syndrome. And she’s the most wonderful, normal, happy little person you’re ever likely to meet. The […]

New law says prenatal Down syndrome diagnoses should be followed with information to parents

by Megan Harris – Gov. Tom Corbett signed a bill that requires genetic counselors and other types of health care practitioners to provide parents with educational information once the practitioner make a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis. The legislation became law last week thanks in large part to 11-year-old Chloe Kondrich of Upper St. Clair, who […]

Parents will get information on Down syndrome care per new passed law

by Campbell North – Ever since her birth, Chloe Kondrich has taken her family on an unexpected journey. Chloe, born with Down syndrome in 2003, has now led the family up the steps of the State Capitol. This morning in Harrisburg, Gov. Tom Corbett is expected to sign the Down Syndrome Prenatal Education Act, otherwise […]

Comments to avoid about a child with Down syndrome

by Naomi Williamson – In a well-meaning effort to support fellow women, sometimes we get it wrong-and this is often the case around the subject of Down syndrome. According to Shari Bottego, president of the Down Syndrome Association of Central New York, “The words that people use can help all individuals lead complete and enriching […]