How technology can level the playing field for students who learn differently

  By Michael T. Dunn, Richard M. Castorani and Christopher F. Herman, M.Ed – The following school profile shows how how important it is to provide students with access to text in meaningful ways. Mr. D’s eighth grade Modern U.S. History class was made up of eleven students, all with a primary diagnosis of Dyslexia and […]

In Finland, special ed supports benefit all students

by Patti White – I wanted to know what the Finnish schools were doing to help their students get the appropriate education for their abilities, both in special education and gifted programs. My own child struggled with learning disabilities in a public school, and I currently teach in a school for the gifted. The special […]

Reading program helps dyslexic students

by Laura McGee – This past school year Hilltop Country Day School piloted a program to address the needs of lower school students diagnosed with dyslexia.  Hilltop teachers Wendy Maxwell, Lois Fleming and Reading Specialist Linda Fellows worked together to incorporate the Orton-Gillingham reading approach into the student’s regular school day. Orton-Gillingham is an approach […]

Without support, students with language-based learning disabilities crumble

by Christopher F. Herman M. Ed. – It is commonly understood that levels of support for students with language-based learning disabilities begin to wane after the completion of grade school. While public elementary programs may offer students a multisensory structured approach to language, many families live in fear of the transition to the middle grades. […]

Recommended online educational tools

by Melissa Fisher – If we started discussing whether technology has improved the educational system or has made students lazy and inactive, the dispute would be neverending. However, things always seem to wrap up to one logical conclusion – the online environment can be either distracting or extremely beneficial. Everything depends on the way students […]

Picking a school for children with learning disabilities

by Catherine Stoker – I’ve had conversations with five families this week who are struggling with choosing a school for children with various learning difficulties, from dyslexia to dyspraxia to Asperger’s. They all start their research via school gate tips from friends who are keen to share their views, often fashioned by the parent grapevine […]

Embracing your learning disability diagnosis is empowering

“You must try harder.” David Flink, 34, heard those words over and over again growing up in Atlanta — from his teachers, from his father — as he struggled against dyslexia and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Slowly, he learned to embrace himself as a “different thinker,” and a new world opened. Today, as many as one in five children […]

More parents and legislators work on passing dyslexia bills

by Sara K. Satullo – Daphne Uliana wasn’t diagnosed with dyslexia until she was a junior in high school. By then the Hanover Township, Northampton County, resident says, it was almost too late to help her school career. She hopes things are different for her three children, who are all also dyslexic but have had […]

Schools found in violation of FAPE

by Teresa Stepzinski – Duval County Public Schools violated some federal laws governing the education of children with disabilities, a Florida Department of Education investigation shows. The state launched its investigation into the district’s Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program after receiving a complaint in mid-April from Disability Rights Florida, a statewide nonprofit advocacy organization for […]

With dyslexia, the brain works differently

by Jewel Topsfield – Halfway through prep Milly came home from school and said: “Mum, I can’t wait to get into grade one because prep is sooooo hard”. Rebecca Cleaver was flummoxed: “Milly had always loved books and she had an amazing imagination”. She was also a talented dancer who had started ballet classes when […]