Individual dyslexia intervention highly successful

Compelling research shows learning outcomes for children with dyslexia can be vastly improved. Specialized, early intervention can significantly boost success at school for a child with dyslexia, a pilot study shows. One-on-one, personalized tuition resulted in vast and surprising improvements in achievement skills, Karen Waldie, Associate Professor of the School of Psychology at Auckland University, […]

Documentary by dyslexic filmmaker raises awareness on the disorder

by Ann Nyberg – Documentary film maker Harvey Hubbell is dyslexic. Educated in Newtown in the 1960s, life for him was difficult because educators didn’t know then what they know now. A lot of very successful people in the world are dyslexic. They can’t read or write but can be taught to do so if […]

Study finds kids with dyslexia more likely to have suffered childhood physical abuse

by Julien Balbontin – Researchers at the University of Toronto and the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill conducted a large population-based study, published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, to determine the relationship between dyslexia and childhood physical abuse. Dr. Esme Fuller-Thomson, professor at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at U […]

Dyslexic students can learn a second language

The experts review using multi-sensory learning to help students with dyslexia take up a second language. Every year thousands of language learners struggle to keep up with their studies due to dyslexia. Some students go on to successfully study a language but for many language subjects are a struggle. Research has shown that dyslexic students can […]

Awareness campaigns can show the brighter side of being dyslexic

by Preston Phro – Childhood can be difficult–dealing with homework, classmates, teachers, parents, and sweaty, screaming gym coaches is enough to frustrate anyone. But add a learning difficulty like dyslexia to that mix and “difficult” becomes a drastic understatement. For many, the frustration of being mislabeled as lazy or simply shunned for having difficulty in […]

No math skills deficit for babies born prematurely, study finds

Premature babies show no specific deficit of arithmetical skills, research from the Ruhr-University Bochum showed on Friday. In contrast to previous scientific studies, analysis of the Bochum developmental psychologists showed that prematurely born children are not worse at mathematics than children from a regular pregnancy. For the study, all children completed at different times a […]

NFL player inspires children with dyslexia

by Sally Absher – What do Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Muhammad Ali, Steven Spielberg, Henry Winkler, Tom Cruise, Whoopi Goldberg, Walt Disney, Nolan Ryan, Greg Louganis, Jay Leno, and Agatha Christie have in common? They all have dyslexia, but grew up to be very successful. And if you are a NFL football […]

Misconceptions about dyslexia are common

by Christina Mora – Nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population can be characterized as dyslexic. That’s one in five students who need intense help in and out of the classroom. Chances are dyslexia isn’t what you think it is. WLKY’s Christina Mora took a deeper, closer look at dyslexia and discovered it isn’t about […]

Special ed students gain confidence at transition camp

by Sarah J. Pawlowski – Michéle Woods Jones struggled with dyslexia when she was a little girl. The executive director of Hampton’s Citizens’ Unity Commission shared her story with about a dozen seventh-and eighth-graders at Eaton Middle School in Hampton Wednesday morning. Jones told the students that despite the learning disorder, which made it difficult […]

AT supports people with dyslexia in the workplace

by Sara Webster – Dyslexia is defined as a disability in the Equality Act 2010, which means that employers must ensure that dyslexic candidates are treated fairly. Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that affects the reading and writing of 10% of the population. When recruiting it is important to know how best to handle […]