Dyslexia, the “blind” disability

The Landmark School

By Cindy Atoji Keene – At the Landmark School, Adam Hickey is charged with sifting through the most recent studies on dyslexia to help best meet the academic needs of students at this private school for language-based learning disabilities. “An incredible amount of research on the human brain — in the fields of education, neuroscience, […]

Awareness is not enough

By Kyle Redford  – When my family joined in the effort to raise awareness about dyslexia through the film, The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia, we were primarily motivated by the desire to help deshame and demystify the condition. My husband and I had raised our dyslexic son during a time when dyslexia was widely considered an academic […]

The most common learning disability

by Erinn Hutkin – It’s the most common learning disability, affecting roughly 1 in 10 Americans and 20 percent of school-age children. Yet in many cases, it goes largely undiagnosed. It’s dyslexia, a language-based learning disability that results in problems with accurate or fluent word recognition, poor reading and decoding abilities. If left undetected, it […]

Student supports legislation for early dyslexia screenings

by Amanda Brandeis – A local teenager wants more support for students with learning disabilities, specifically those struggling with dyslexia. In kindergarten, Ben Cooper was struggling with reading. His mother Robbi, the school wanted to hold him back for a year, saying he just needed more time. She decided to have him privately tested, and […]

Improving the college experience for students with dyslexia

by Lakshmi Gandhi – Looking at colleges is stressful for almost all students, but for those with dyslexia the process can be filled with unique challenges. Dyslexia, a learning disorder that makes it difficult for students to read easily, is still often misunderstood by many teachers and school administrators. “Our brains are wired to speak […]

Reacting to the news that your child has dyslexia

by Zanthe Taylor – My daughter was diagnosed as dyslexic at the end of second grade. Since then, I’ve had countless conversations with other parents processing similar news. They find me through word of mouth, I’m often the first non-family member they’ve discussed it with, and over and over again I’ve shared the small but […]

Brain imaging could lead to early dyslexia diagnosis

by Jennifer Huber – For many, the word dyslexia represents painful struggles with reading and speech that impact their self-confidence –- 20 percent of school-aged children and over 40 million adults in the U.S. are dyslexic. Dyslexics are often very intelligent and can learn successfully with appropriate teaching methods, but early diagnosis and intervention are […]

Getting diagnosed with dyslexia as an adult

Senator Eamonn Coghlan

by John Costello – Former running world champion turned senator, Eamonn Coghlan‘s athletic ability helped him survive both inside and outside of school. So, were you the life and soul of the party at school? I didn’t spend much time socializing in school because of training, unless there was a girl hanging around I fancied. […]

Weak phonemic awareness skills are main cause of dyslexia

Dyslexia remains one of the most misunderstood learning disabilities – despite being a common diagnosis. “Contrary to some stereotypes, dyslexia is not simply reading words backwards, nor is it a marker for intelligence or determination,” Kim Bellini, owner of The Woodlands LearningRx, explained. Dyslexia simply means “poor with words” or “trouble with reading,” Bellini said. […]

Student publishes book on the gift of having dyslexia

by Jake White – In first grade, Sam Frei’s peers labeled him as stupid, and he believed them. In second grade, he realized he wasn’t like the other kids. Frei was tested and diagnosed with dyslexia. Ten years later, Frei wrote and published “The Lucky Few: Growing Up with a Learning Disability.” Frei, now a […]