The “Keeping All Students Safe Act” would eliminate seclusion in public schools

Restraint across America.

When a high school teen acted up in an Indiana classroom a few years ago, his teachers sent him to an isolated room, where he was left unmonitored for hours. He wasn’t allowed to leave, for any reason, and was forced to urinate on the floor. As punishment, he was dragged to that exact same […]

Many child mental health issues could be treated school

by Kelli Kennedy – After his father was diagnosed with cancer, a 15-year-old Champaign, Ill., teen started skipping school, erupting in angry outbursts, yelling at teachers and punching holes in walls or retreating to his room paralyzed by an overwhelming sadness. When the teen’s assistant principal approached him a few months ago about seeking help […]

Special education fights pit parents against Montgomery County

by Lynh Bui – For years, Drew and Debra Powell fought the special education system in Montgomery County. They hired private tutors for their son after educators told them that he would never be literate. They pushed back when administrators at their son’s middle school wanted to place him in a more restrictive classroom, isolating […]

Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder Basics

Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder involves severe frequent outbursts.

by R. Rao Gogineni, M.D. – Occasional temper tantrums and bad moods are a normal part of growing up.  Many children are irritable, upset or moody from time to time. However, there may be a problem for children with severe and frequent temper tantrums that interfere with their ability to function at home, in school, […]

Old Behavior Variations are Now Mental Disorders per the DSM-5

Some mental health experts believe the new DSM-5 over diagnoses mental illnesses.

by Andrea Tudhope – At a whopping 947 pages, the DSM is heavier than ever before, and in more ways than one. The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders — the American Psychiatric Association’s newly revised and controversial list of recognized mental illnesses – was published this May after 14 […]

Oklahoma Law Allows Learning Disabled to Earn High School Diploma, not Certificate

Governor Mary Fallin

by Kim Archer – Gov. Mary Fallin signed into law on Tuesday a measure that will give local school districts a role in determining whether the most profoundly disabled students have made enough progress to graduate from high school. The bill, authored by Republican Rep. Jadine Nollan of Sand Springs, provides an exception to the […]

Parent Advocacy is Critical for Students with Emotional Disabilities to Succeed

Identifying and accommodating for emotional disabilities at school takes a team effort approach.

by Yagana Shah – Cecelia Scheeler was just 4 years old when she started exhibiting odd behavior — throwing a fit when walking by dirty laundry or refusing to sit on certain furniture. She would wash her hands until they bled. “My daughter’s behavior blew in like a storm overnight,” said Mary Ellen Pease of […]

Undiagnosed and Misdiagnosed Childhood Bipolar Disorder

One quarter of kids with ADHD and a third with  depression will later be diagnosed with bipolar.

Common symptoms between disorders can lead to a misdiagnosis of childhood bipolar disorder which prevents adequate treatment. by Marla W. Deibler – Approximately 1.5% of the population, worldwide, bipolar disorder is not uncommon. However, bipolar disorder in children presents differently than it does in adults, an important difference which is not addressed in our current […]

For Parents of Children with Mental Illness, Charity Organization is Big Source of Support

The National Alliance on Mental Illness estimates half of the people with mental illness show symptoms before age 14.

by Theresa Hegel – For Lynn Plewes of Warminster, one of the hardest parts of caring for her three special-needs children was the isolation she felt. Years ago, one of her daughters was diagnosed with childhood-onset schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder and was receiving psychiatric care by the age of 2. Another daughter has autism and […]

Long-Term Study of Emotionally Disturbed Youth Yields Dismal Results

Most adults with ED labels hide their disability from their employers.

Students who fit the category of “emotionally disturbed” typically have high rates of addiction, criminal activity and incarceration. But long-term research has shown that these outcomes are not inevitable, and addressing self-destructive behaviors is part of a good IEP plan for a student labeled ED. Mary Wagner of the Center for Education and Human Services […]

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