School districts have a shortage of special education teachers

by Audrey L. Hollingshead – Castro Valley Unified is short on Special Education teachers, leaving some students on the spectrum with substitute teachers still in training. The growing demand for more special education teachers is due to not only having better tools to diagnose autism, but a rise in autism over all. Proctor special education […]

Taekwondo becomes after-school activity for students with special needs


by Chelsey Abercrombie – Connor Daniel, a 12-year-old student at Ava White Academy in Gainesville, searched longer than most 12-year-olds for an after-school activity. He tried a martial arts class at a studio outside of Hall County, but the instructor was not able to work with his particular circumstances. Connor Daniel has epilepsy, causing him […]

Using school architecture to enhance learning

For a school environment to be adaptive, it doesn’t need lots of moving parts. It’s not about the ubiquitous moving partitions that subdivide one large classroom into two marginal ones, requiring lots of time and effort along the way. So what then, can make a building truly adaptive? To a highly-trained instructor, an adaptive environment […]

Fair offers parents resources for their children with special needs

by Martha Longley – Tables with colorful flags and dishes of candy lined the circular perimeter of the cafeteria at Hill Regional Career High School last night. There, parents, teachers and local advocates convened for the annual New Haven Public Schools Parent Resource Fair. New Haven Public Schools, the Department of Developmental Services and the […]

Students in special education access curriculum through technology

by Jessica Bies – Hunched over their iPads, the three seventh-graders took turns reading the document displayed on their screens. One, Sam Seifert, followed along, while her special education teacher Jessica Waterstreet did the talking — Seifert has difficulty reading on her own. Seated near the center of the table, Blake Hanna recited the words […]

Special ed overhaul prompts teacher complaints

by Patrick Wall – At P.S. Q811 in Queens last year, several students with severe disabilities went without their full-time aides during lunch, fire drills, and certain classes, according to complaints filed with the teachers union. Because some of those students suffered from multiple daily seizures, leaving them without aides “may be a danger to […]

Cognitive assessment test can help diagnose learning disabilities

by Michael Hart – New improvements to a cognitive assessment tool will allow school and clinical psychologists more access to test content and additional information about a student’s learning processes specific to learning disabilities. Pearson has introduced the fifth version of its Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-V), which gathers information about a child’s learning […]

Special education spending is an investment

by Bruce Parker – Special education spending is headed higher again this year. But not to worry. Leaders of Vermont’s public schools say the money’s well spent. Amid calls for property tax and education reform, little attention is being paid to Vermont’s spending on special education. This school year, the Agency of Education projects it […]

Special ed students learn life skills through entrepreneurship program

by Wendy Sledd – Kyliegh Courtland gently laid the green ribbon down on the glass, ensuring it was straight in all of the corners. The 17-year-old sophomore closed a screen over the ribbon, picked up a brush full of blue paint, and swiped it across the screen. She lifted the screen to inspect her work. […]

The top 4 tips for parenting an introverted child


by Miley Adalson – Are you concerned because your child is not outgoing and doesn’t have many friends? Do you want your child to make friends and hang out with them instead of sitting along in the room? Parents consider this behavior to be abnormal or simply wrong. They don’t want their children to be shy […]