Special ed students learn life skills through entrepreneurship program

by Wendy Sledd – Kyliegh Courtland gently laid the green ribbon down on the glass, ensuring it was straight in all of the corners. The 17-year-old sophomore closed a screen over the ribbon, picked up a brush full of blue paint, and swiped it across the screen. She lifted the screen to inspect her work. […]

The top 4 tips for parenting an introverted child


by Miley Adalson – Are you concerned because your child is not outgoing and doesn’t have many friends? Do you want your child to make friends and hang out with them instead of sitting along in the room? Parents consider this behavior to be abnormal or simply wrong. They don’t want their children to be shy […]

Defining learning disabilities

By  Michael Ginsberg Have you ever wondered how your child can be so funny, creative, and smart, but still struggle with school? If so, you’re not alone. Many parents run the gamut of emotions when helping their child through three hours of homework. Is the school giving them too much? Is their child just disorganized? […]

Program improves student motivation with real-time behavior

by Joseph Theriault – In special education, as in general education, the most effective way to deal with difficult behavior is to prevent it. In a well-managed classroom where teacher expectations are clear and positive behavior is reinforced, effective teaching and learning can thrive. In a disorderly classroom, however, teachers struggle to teach and students […]

Special ed students without a diploma may be entitled to additional services

by Jade Storms – Nearly two thousand special education students may have another shot at getting their education. A Federal appeals court found the Department of Education broke federal law by forcing out special education students who didn’t receive a diploma by age 20. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, students are allowed to […]

Special needs students did not get state testing accommodations during field test

by Matthew Bowler – Next spring, kindergarten through 12th-grade students across California will be tested to see if they meet new Common Core standards, and many districts will also continue testing for their own local standards. Last spring, Chula Vista Elementary School District gave two big tests to its students, and they might have violated […]

Common core (with special education) basics

by Marty Hobe – In 2009 the National Governors Association began drafting standards that would become known as the “Common Core.” All but six states have now become members of the initiative. The NGA along with the Chief State School Officers commissioned a group of experts to craft standards that “provide a consistent, clear understanding […]

Researchers use brain imaging to develop instructional strategies for kids with learning disorders

by John Higgins – On a recent afternoon, a 10-year-old girl with long, blond, curly hair, gave University of Washington researchers a peek inside her brain. Lying flat on her back inside a machine that looks like a big doughnut, Shelter Gimbel-Sherr read individual letters presented on a video screen and then wrote the one […]

Kids with learning disabilities do not struggle for lack of effort

by Rifka Schonfeld – She has trouble reading. He can’t write in a straight line. She doesn’t focus unless she can see the person speaking to her. He can’t remember something if it’s not written down. She can’t add. He can’t follow directions. All of the above describe symptoms of children who suffer from language-based […]

Understanding learning disability basics

by Nilooka Dissanayake – Today let’s talk about learning disabilities. The first person that comes to my mind when thinking of learning disabilities is Richard Branson of Virgin Group, with over 400 companies. “I left school when I was 16 years old,” says Branson, “Partly because of my dyslexia, I couldn’t always follow what was […]