Most prevalent childhood disabilities in the U.S.

by Herb Scribner – A 10-year analysis found that disabilities among American kids are on the rise, especially mental and developmental issues, according to The Associated Press. In 2012, 8 percent of American children were reported to have disabilities, compared to 7 percent in 2000. There’s a gap, too, when it comes to wealth. Wealthier […]

Teacher to teacher back to school tips

by Greg Schwanbeck - In late August, the pleasure of summer relaxation begins to overlap with the excitement of a new school year. It’s a wonderful time to be a teacher. While trying to catch my last wave or last fish of the summer, I begin a mental routine that energizes me and prepares me for the […]

Software crashes special ed in L.A. Unified

APphoto_LA Schools iPads

by Yana Gracile – Two weeks into the new school year, LA Unified administrators are still working out bugs in a new computer system, a disruption that has made instruction particularly difficult for special education teachers, who need specific information for each of their students. The new MiSiS — My Integrated Student Information System — is designed to […]

Both teachers and students worried about new state assessments

by Debbie Kelley – It’s the end of an era for educational policy in Colorado. Public school teachers and their students will be immersed in a new world of standardized testing, starting this academic year. As teachers pore over spring assessment results the Colorado Department of Education released last week, administrators are looking toward the […]

Kids can receive special education services before entering school

by Carmen McCollum – Parents need not wait until the start of their child’s first school year to start receiving special education services, said Indiana Youth Institute President Bill Stanczykiewicz. With schools opening across Indiana, Stanczykiewicz said wants parents to be aware of resources available if they think their child is eligible for special education […]

Most classrooms may be virtual in the near future

by Bill Virgin Today’s paper is stuffed with back-to-school ads — for some retailers, the growth of this shopping season has been like getting a second December, without the decorations and music — full of all the gear, supplies, electronic gizmos and apparel to properly outfit our young scholars for the classroom. The bigger trend story, […]

Report shows state special ed administrators lack credentialing

by Diane C. Lore – Several administrators in the city Department of Education’s Office of Special Education have little to no teaching or supervisory experience in special ed or lack state certification in education administration and supervision, an Advance check of records reveals. The discovery comes as the DOE rolls out special education reforms heading […]

Court favors district’s decision not to qualify student for special education

The court of appeals affirmed a district court judgment. The court held that learning-disabled student failed to show that his school district acted unreasonably in determining in 2005 that he did not qualify for special education services under the “specific learning disability” category. The court held further that the Department of Education’s position that a […]

How to combine innovation and research-based instruction for students who learn differently

by  Christopher F. Herman and  Michael T. Dunn – Despite the fact that many of our local jurisdictions are seeking to demonstrate student achievement through standardized test scores, higher-level processes and creative problem-solving skills continue to be the most desirable outcomes for students poised for the future. Rick Stephens, senior vice president for human resources […]

Paraprofessionals help districts meet special ed student needs

by Marc Valero – The School Board of Highlands County has nearly doubled its Exceptional Student Education paraprofessional numbers over a three-year period to serve an increasing number of special needs students. The district added six ESE paraprofessionals in the 2013-14 school year. The tentative 2014-15 budget shows an additional 12, which would bring the […]