Things to consider in seeking special education supports

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by Jade Benny – If one has the ability to choose the circumstances for their kids, no doubt parents would tell you how much they would love their children to grow up doing great in school, having the best time of their life with their teachers and classmates, and be healthy at all times. But […]

NASCAR joins Down syndrome research efforts

by Maureen Wallace – Long ago, I shifted from fear to acceptance when it comes to my 4-year-old son Charlie’s extra chromosome. I love every bit of him, including his DNA. But what’s not acceptable is that Charlie has a greater chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease because he has Down syndrome. NASCAR driver David Ragan loves to drive fast […]

Is there dyslexia in Chinese?

 by R.B. – For a foreigner, learning how to read in Chinese sometimes feels like spot-the-difference: one of those children’s puzzles where you have to find tiny dissimilarities in two nearly identical pictures. Take the character for “special” (?) and the one for “grasp” (?), for example, which are the same apart from a small extra stroke […]

Autism treatment for infants raises hopes of reversing its symptoms

by Maggie Fox, Erika Edwards and Judy Silverman – Here’s how you might be able to turn autism around in a baby: Carefully watch her cues, and push just a little harder with that game of peek-a-boo or “This little piggy.” But don’t push too hard — kids with autism are super-sensitive. That’s what Sally […]

A mother’s view on raising a child with Down syndrome


by Birmingham Mail – Four years and four months ago I gave birth to my youngest child. It was a traumatic birth and emotions were running high. We knew our child would be going to the special care unit at Leicester Royal to support his breathing but, on meeting our son, we were given some […]

This is a story about parents making a difference

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by John Tulenko – JOHN TULENKO: This is a story about how a mother’s experience united an entire community and transformed the way children learn in school. It starts 10 years ago here in Vero Beach, Florida, when Liz Woody’s son Mason was in third grade and hadn’t learned to read. MASON WOODY: Looking at a book, I […]

The back to school special needs segregation special

by Liza Long – But by not integrating children with mental illness into the general school population, we contribute to the ongoing stigma. This week, all my friends are posting Facebook and Instagram pictures of their adorable children, whose forced grins and too-neat clothes suggest that the kids aren’t quite as thrilled as their mothers about […]

Study shows no increase in autism

by Julia Belluz – If you were to believe newspaper reports and anecdotal evidence about autism, you probably think rates of the disorder are exploding around the world. But a new study — the most extensive review of the data on the global prevalence and incidence of autism, published in the journal Psychological Medicine — actually found rates have […]

Grandparents share story of grandchild with Down syndrome given up for adoption

by Julian Robinson – A couple have told of their grief after their weeks-old grandchild, born with Down Syndrome, was given up for adoption and separated from her twin sister. The grandparents, who have chosen not to be identified, have described how the tiny baby was handed over to social services while the parents decided […]