I Have An ADHD Question

by Kelly Babcock – There are hundreds of questions about ADHD that one might ask. Is it contagious? Is it spontaneous? Is it hereditary? Is it something that can start later in life? Is it trauma induced? No! No. Yes. We don’t think so. Possibly. Is it over-diagnosed? Is it under-diagnosed? Good question. The reality […]

Rise in ADHD diagnoses causes reason to celebrate

by Heidi Lack – AS A psychologist who treats women with ADHD, I would offer a different headline for Dr. Claudia M. Gold’s March 31 health piece, “Rise in ADHD diagnoses causes concern,” and would instead title it, “Rise in ADHD diagnoses causes reason to celebrate.” I view the jump in numbers of diagnosed cases […]

Does memory training help kids with ADHD?

by Veronica Davis – Children diagnosed with ADHD are seen to have many challenges and difficulties trying to accomplish tasks such as learning and performing well at school. Therefore it’s necessary for parents and guardians to pay special attention to help them progress in academics. If your little one is diagnosed with ADHD or showing […]

State assessments should not go against student IEPs

by Jeffrey S. Solochek – Orlando mom Andrea Rediske continues her fight to end Florida’s testing requirements for its most profoundly disabled students, even after her son Ethan has passed away. Having heard concerns that waiving the tests could violate federal law, Rediske turned her attention to the U.S. Department of Education. She penned a […]

Dyslexia, explained by a reading specialist

by David Des Roches – Words of wisdom from Margie Gillis, project director at the Haskins Literacy Initiative at Yale University, delivered recently to parents and educators in neighboring Darien. Ms. Gillis’s visit was sponsored by the Darien Special Education Parent Advisory Committee, and she spoke for roughly two hours about dyslexia being both a […]

Why my son went to great lengths to adopt a child with Down syndrome

Any adoption is expensive.

by Kerry Hubartt – Another grandchild joined the Hubartt family recently, the 16th in the group, the fifth boy, the sixth adopted and the second with Down syndrome. Both children with Down syndrome are adopted, the first from South Korea, the most recent from Hong Kong. Coincidentally, my son and daughter-in-law left for Hong Kong […]

We finally relaxed after getting the autism diagnosis we had dreaded

by Shanell Mouland – You know what sucked? The months leading up to Kate’s diagnosis sucked. The months directly after were a cakewalk in comparison. I’ve written before about how I knew something was different about Kate. I guess even earlier than those months before her diagnosis she wasn’t connecting with us and she appeared […]

Support services for adults with autism are scarce

by Helaina Hovitz – An incredible amount of progress has been made in raising awareness for children with autism—but once these children grow up, it’s a whole other story. According to parents, after high school graduation, options become scarce. While there are programs out there that help individuals lead productive and rewarding lives, there are […]

We shouldn’t let Down syndrome label anyone

by Emma Higginbotham – Clutching a stuffed kangaroo and beaming up at our photographer, Mara Clark is perfect model material. Blonde, scrumptious and brimming with personality, she’s completely unfazed as he snaps away. “She’s a little poser,” laughs her mum, Michelle. Mara, who turns 2 in June, is used to having her photograph taken – […]

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