Special ed overhaul prompts teacher complaints

by Patrick Wall – At P.S. Q811 in Queens last year, several students with severe disabilities went without their full-time aides during lunch, fire drills, and certain classes, according to complaints filed with the teachers union. Because some of those students suffered from multiple daily seizures, leaving them without aides “may be a danger to […]

Five advantages of inclusive education for students with learning disabilities

Inclusive education is a term used to describe the type of education in which special students or students with a learning disability are encouraged to attend general education classes instead of being enrolled in a special day class. Although inclusive education can be a little controversial for parents, there are numerous advantages to this method of schooling. […]

Our educational system should help struggling students

by Sheila Cosgrove Baylis – Channing Tatum never thought of himself as intellectual – he struggled with ADHD and dyslexia in school. “I have never considered myself a very smart person, for a lot of reasons,” he tells T, The New York Times Style Magazine. And that made his teen years difficult. “Not having early […]

Recognizing dyslexia early is key to effective interventions

By Emma-Jayne Schenk – Dyslexia has been brought into the open in recent years, but there remains some misunderstanding and stigma, says the Australian Dyslexia Association. Dyslexia is different than just misspelling words and being slow at English – those with it have trouble hearing sounds within spoken words, meaning they can often be left […]

Dyslexia advocates stress the importance of early diagnosis

by Kristy MacKaben – In preschool Lucas Baronello of Antioch had difficulty learning the alphabet, even though his mother Angela faithfully read to him every day and tried to teach him. In kindergarten, Lucas dreaded going to school, and by first grade he complained of daily headaches and stomach pains. Lucas, 10, has dyslexia, but […]

Designer with Down syndrome launches clothing line

Clothing Designer, Ashley DeRamus

by Margot Peppers – A mother-daughter team have founded one of two new fashion lines designed specifically for people with Down syndrome. Due to her genetic disorder, Ashley DeRamus, 32, from Hoover, Alabama, is a petite 5ft tall, has shorter arms, a wider build, a short torso and high knees – characteristics that are typical […]

Author’s new novel features girl with autism

by Ashley Strickland – It’s been almost 15 years since “The Baby-Sitters Club” held its last meeting, when author Ann M. Martin decided it was time to move beyond Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Jessi and their friends from the popular book series. But Martin has continued to write about adolescent experiences, from first loves to […]

Awareness events support families and children with autism

by Erin McPherson – Autism is a developmental disorder that many people think is an intellectual issue, but that’s all wrong. It’s a genetic based syndrome that affects social interaction and behavior. Over the years there have been many improvements in helping all of those with this disorder and their family members. 5 News spoke […]

Children with ADHD just have a different way of learning

by Michael Henrich – A rising number of Hoosiers are diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) every year and advocates dedicate the month of October to raising awareness about the issue. In the most recent statistics available, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report 15.7 percent of Hoosier children aged 4 to 17 have been […]

The magical world theory of autism

By Geoffrey Mohan – The brain is a biological machine that makes predictions. But what happens when a wrench is thrown in the works, and jams up the ability to foresee the trajectory of a moving object, or what happens after a frown? Researchers at MIT believe such a wrench lies at the core of […]