Four ways to mitigate ADHD behavior

by Michael Clatch – “If he would only listen!” This phrase has been spoken by more parents of children with ADHD than any other. Although all children have behavior issues that exasperate their parents, children with ADHD face significant impediments which continually make it difficult for their parents to cope with their behavior. Behavior issues […]

Public schools blame bureaucracy for federal fund reimbursement loss

by Juan Gonzalez – City public schools lost $356 million during the past three years in federal Medicaid payments for special education services because city and state officials failed to properly apply for reimbursement, the Daily News has learned. “Red tape and bureaucracy should not stand in the way of (the city) being reimbursed for […]

I cannot look positively at ADHD

by Kelly Babcock – You may have heard me quote from the International Consensus Statement on ADHD from January 2002 before. I rather like what it has to say. Basically, it tells us that there isn’t the “the jury is out” scenario that some journalists would have us believe. I borrowed the title of this […]

Kids can receive special education services before entering school

by Carmen McCollum – Parents need not wait until the start of their child’s first school year to start receiving special education services, said Indiana Youth Institute President Bill Stanczykiewicz. With schools opening across Indiana, Stanczykiewicz said wants parents to be aware of resources available if they think their child is eligible for special education […]

Most classrooms may be virtual in the near future

by Bill Virgin Today’s paper is stuffed with back-to-school ads — for some retailers, the growth of this shopping season has been like getting a second December, without the decorations and music — full of all the gear, supplies, electronic gizmos and apparel to properly outfit our young scholars for the classroom. The bigger trend story, […]

ADHD treatment choices should be explored before opting for medication

by Randy Hansbrough – While it is true that the label of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is becoming increasingly more common among adults, such as TV personality Lisa Ling, the often prescribed ADHD drugs are definitely not the best treatment option. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration says that ADHD medicines are highly addictive, and […]

ADHD rising prevalence is related to stress

by Nichola Petts ADHD seems to be the buzzword of the decade when it comes to children who can’t sit still, have a hard time concentrating on one task at a time, or act impulsively. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is certainly no laughing matter — it can be a stressful situation for kids with the diagnosis, […]

Disability prejudices continue to pop-up in the media

by David Perry – “I am like, I am so (BLEEP) high. This is terrible. And I did it in that voice. And I have never done that voice before in my life. I don’t know where that voice came from. But I heard myself use that voice. And in my mind, I went, oh […]

To understand ADHD, forget medical definitions

by Carmine Gallo – Which of the following statements is more empowering? “ADHD is a neurological disorder associated with a pattern of excessive inactivity in the frontal lobes of the brain. It is characterized by distractibility, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.” “ADHD is like having a Ferrari engine for a brain with bicycle brakes. Strengthen the brakes […]

Proposals for state education reform

by Joshua Izaak – Introduction The current education system in Florida is fatally flawed. It is restricting the development of students, and constraining teachers from reaching their full potential. I have experienced every level of the Florida education system since moving to Florida in 1998, and have seen firsthand its detrimental effects in the classroom. […]