Jerry Seinfeld has no substantial connection to autism

by Rogel Alpher – Jerry Seinfeld told an American television interviewer recently that he believes he is slightly autistic. A bit on the spectrum. Autism lite. Seinfeld based his public self-diagnosis on what he was feeling – that sometimes he doesn’t really understand what people are telling him. As a result, in the minds of […]

Service dog could prevent girl with autism from wandering

Service dogs have been used for years, most recently used by children diagnosed with autism; now one local family is in line to receive one for their 4-year-old daughter. Two years ago doctors diagnosed Gabriella Rushing with autism and sensory processing disorder. At about the same time as she began to walk, her parents noticed […]

Parents of autistic children upset by Seinfeld comments

by Kim Rossi Stagliano – When Kim Stagliano saw an “NBC Nightly News” clip of Jerry Seinfeld saying he’s on the autism spectrum, the first thing she did was get angry. The next thing she did was get on Twitter. Some might label her reaction a “rage spiral,” but Stagliano, whose three teenage girls have […]

Missing ADHD symptoms is easy, specially in girls

According to a new survey released today, nearly 50 percent of mothers of tween girls who have been diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) reported that they had first attributed their daughters’ behavior to “normal” adolescent struggles, and 59 percent reported that they initially hesitated to seek help from a doctor for their daughter. Additionally, 60 […]

One father’s life after Down syndrome


by Corbie Hill – Paul Austin’s daughter, Sarah, is thoughtful and helpful, though she goes about it her own way. He recalls an awful day, years ago, when he went for an angry walk after getting in a fight with his brother over the phone. Paul had a broken arm, his wife Sally was out […]

Autism mothers share some lessons learned

by Julie M Green – We’re always told to look to our elders for advice. We’re supposed to take it firsthand from those who’ve “been there, done that.” But when you have a child with autism, it often feels like you’re making your way through an endless dark tunnel with no Yoda to guide you. Where are […]

As the number of adults with autism grows, so do the waiting lists for services

by Alex Zimmerman – Across his 19 years, Christopher Merchant hit milestones his family was never sure he’d make. First diagnosed broadly with pervasive developmental disorder, Christopher didn’t eat or swallow properly and had trouble sitting up. “We knew there was something wrong with our second son,” says Lisa Merchant, Christopher’s mother, “because he was […]

Kids embrace their dyslexia

by Jackson Stiles – Aussie students set a brave example for their peers by embracing both the good and bad sides of being dyslexic. “Sometimes being dyslexic makes me feel angry because I feel so dumb,” says Will Mitchell. Then nine years old, he is speaking bravely to 49 of his school mates in Lancaster […]

Parents lead effective language therapy for kids with autism

by Mandy Oaklander – Parents can learn how to give effective therapy to their children with autism, a new study in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry finds. Researchers at Stanford University looked at a type of therapy called Pivotal Response Training (PRT), which is one the of the handful of treatments shown to […]

Getting an ADHD diagnosis can be good news

by Pat Hagen – Most parents would dread their child being diagnosed with any type of illness. Yet for Karen Murphy, confirmation her son Nathan, 10, had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) came as a huge relief. “It was the best thing that could have happened,” says Karen, 39, from Romford in Essex. “It meant Nathan wasn’t […]