The challenge and wonder of raising our son with autism

Lora and Andy Long with their three children.

by Heather Meade – Lora Long, mom of three, noticed her son’s “quirks” at about 18 months, she said, but it took until after his third birthday to have Reed, now 4, tested and diagnosed as being ‘mildly autistic’ with a receptive language delay. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects one in 68 children according to […]

ADHD meds can and do help students at school

by Dr. Zorba Paster – Dear Dr. Z: My wife and I home-school our son because when we first enrolled him in school, the teachers said he had ADHD. We wondered if they were right. He moves around all the time except when he’s on his Kindle or iPad, but one-on-one he can concentrate. I […]

Social skills training for ADHD

Q: Our son has just been diagnosed with ADHD, and we have been told he may need social skills training. He is in third grade, and this is all very new and foreign. Do you know anything about this training, and what does this mean for his future school endeavors? A: The first and most important […]

Autism mentor moves on to position at the board of education

The Charleston Gazette | Tracy White: Mom, special ed advocate, life coach

by Mackenzie Mays – Tracy White will have to quit her job if she’s elected to the Kanawha County Board of Education. White, 43, of Cross Lanes, is a substitute teacher and autism mentor for Kanawha County Schools, meaning if she wins one of the three open seats on the board next month, she’ll have […]

Triage in special needs families

by Leigh Merryday – When it comes to loving, nurturing, and meeting the needs of one’s children, the term “triage” doesn’t come to mind. No mother holds a sleeping baby in the wee hours of the night and ever imagines a reality in which that child’s needs rank below another’s. I certainly didn’t. I know […]

Son fuels parent passion to work for Down syndrome cause

Margie Doyle and her son, Colin.

Sean and Margie Doyle raised their four kids and Margie, figuring that one path was ending and another path was opening, had just gone back to her career. Were they in for a surprise, one Margie calls “a big, beautiful surprise.” At 45, Margie found out she was pregnant. She knew there were risks. Tests […]

Overcoming the fear of labeling our children

by Lisa Aro- Daughter number four has always been an adventurer and is notorious for her escapades: She cut her sister’s money into tiny strips. She scaled cabinets far above her 3-year-old head to get the royal blue fabric paint, creating a masterpiece on the cream carpet of her bedroom… three times. Once she infiltrated […]

Four steps to a better behaved child with ADHD

by Helen Nieves – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a developmental disorder of self control. In a child with ADHD, the executive part of the brain that is supposed to be organizing and controlling behavior, helping the child plan for the future and follow through, is doing a poor job. The child is not suffering […]

Recognizing signs of dyslexia in gifted children

by Paula Bolyard – Do you have a highly intelligent child who struggles with writing and spelling? A child who, despite good scores on standardized tests, is performing below his “potential”?  If so, you may be the parent of a “stealth dyslexic.” According to learning experts, dyslexia manifests itself in a variety of ways beyond […]

Exceptionality is recognized at special needs marathon

by Jennifer Connor – An exceptional person is defined by the Special Education Club at Gwynedd Mercy University (GMU) as someone who has shown perseverance and bravery in overcoming diversity and hardship. This year, the club was able to recognize 11-year-old Peter Zucca, for his perseverance by staying active even without his right leg. Zucca […]

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