Young man with Asperger’s teaches how to improve social skills from own experience

by Asher Bayot – Being socially awkward is tough. It limits your options and gives you unneeded stress while in normal situations. Luckily, there are people out there who have successfully overcome the pains of social awkwardness and are ready to give useful advice on how to overcome these stressful social struggles. Meet Dan. He’s […]

Neighbors complain about yelling to parents of girl with ADHD

The parents of three children say they are “really troubled” by an anonymous letter left in their mailbox last Friday that says neighbors “are exasperated by the screams of your children.” Sarah Cloutier says her kids aren’t perfect and scream from time to time outside, but they mostly play like normal kids. Cloutier’s daughter Laurence, […]

Community rallies for allowing girl’s service dog at school

by Jamiese Price – Heather Pereira is a school physiologist where she regularly advocates for children, but her biggest fight today is for her daughter in the Gates Chili Central School District. “This is my daughter. I got to do this. She deserves it,” said Pereira. Her 7-year-old Devyn Rose has a rare genetic condition, […]

Teen with autism wins t-shirt design contest

Matthew Baltzley meets with autism activist Temple Grandin.

by Whitney Ogden – Mesa resident Matthew Baltzley is known as someone who is “on the spectrum,” meaning he is autistic. It’s a disability by definition, but Matthew’s autism offers a different way of seeing the world and channels the artistic vision he hopes to employ in the future. Autism is a mental disability that […]

Common parent questions after a child’s autism diagnosis

by Dr. Phil – What led Kelli Stapleton, a Michigan mother of an autistic teenager, to get in a van with her daughter with two smoldering charcoal grills inside the vehicle? Stapleton, who recently pleaded guilty to a felony charge of first-degree child abuse, gave her first interview from prison to Dr. Phil, during which […]

Clothing designer works to improve lives of people with Down syndrome

by Jennifer Bowen – For Karen Bowersox, a well-fitting pair of jeans isn’t just a fashion statement, it is the reason she gets up in the morning. In 2009, Bowersox founded Downs Designs after noticing clothes worn by her granddaughter, Maggie, who has Down syndrome, didn’t fit her frame. The company produces jeans, capris and […]

I’ve learned so much from my daughter with ADHD

by Lisa Aro – Of my six children, Mary, my youngest daughter, has taught me the most. She taught me that dull preschool scissors could indeed cut a perfect square out of metal mini-blinds and fingernail polish remover can get royal blue fabric paint out of cream colored carpet. She taught me that brilliance, creativity, […]

Teens with autism organize fundraising race

Nick Smith’s hopes are as big as his smile. Huge. Infectious. The Chebanse teen isn’t defined by his autism, he says. Instead, what stands out is his generosity and selflessness toward finding a cure for the neurodevelopmental disorder that affects an estimated 1 in 68 children by age 8. The first-ever “Colors on the Run,” […]

Teenager with dyslexia named finalist in building competition

by Caroline Jones – A teenager with dyslexia who has used the internet to promote his passion for construction and design has been named as a finalist in a national competition. Luke Clarke is among five teenagers in line for the Young Builder of the Year title, with the winner to be announced at a ceremony […]

Supporting our daughters with ADHD

by Holly Robinson Peete – Over the years, countless parents, especially mothers, have reached out to me with questions regarding my son’s autism. Through these conversations, I’ve started to speak up about my daughter Ryan’s Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Through my involvement in the keep momming campaign, I’ve also started to receive questions about […]