I’ve learned so much from my daughter with ADHD

by Lisa Aro – Of my six children, Mary, my youngest daughter, has taught me the most. She taught me that dull preschool scissors could indeed cut a perfect square out of metal mini-blinds and fingernail polish remover can get royal blue fabric paint out of cream colored carpet. She taught me that brilliance, creativity, […]

Teens with autism organize fundraising race

Nick Smith’s hopes are as big as his smile. Huge. Infectious. The Chebanse teen isn’t defined by his autism, he says. Instead, what stands out is his generosity and selflessness toward finding a cure for the neurodevelopmental disorder that affects an estimated 1 in 68 children by age 8. The first-ever “Colors on the Run,” […]

Teenager with dyslexia named finalist in building competition

by Caroline Jones – A teenager with dyslexia who has used the internet to promote his passion for construction and design has been named as a finalist in a national competition. Luke Clarke is among five teenagers in line for the Young Builder of the Year title, with the winner to be announced at a ceremony […]

Supporting our daughters with ADHD

by Holly Robinson Peete – Over the years, countless parents, especially mothers, have reached out to me with questions regarding my son’s autism. Through these conversations, I’ve started to speak up about my daughter Ryan’s Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Through my involvement in the keep momming campaign, I’ve also started to receive questions about […]

Colleges provide supports for students with learning disabilities

by Nathan Denette – Samuel Pereira was diagnosed with a learning disability when he was eight, but as he aged and his workload increased so, too, did his challenges in the classroom. “One of my issues was processing,” he recalled. “I have all of the information, I know what I want to put down on […]

I though I understood my kid’s struggles with ADHD

by Elaine Taylor-Klaus – For my first 10 years as a parent, I was searching for my village. I wanted a place to belong, to fit in. I wanted a place for my child to feel understood, even cherished. I wanted to connect to other parents and schools who understood my complex children. I was […]

Teen with ADHD brings music to indigent children through her nonprofit

Danielle Pellizzeri

by Rob Kuznia – It is often said that getting good grades will open doors. But for 18-year-old Danielle Pellizzeri of Rolling Hills Estates, the key was a ukulele. And, in a sense, another key has been her difficulty getting through school. Diagnosed with ADHD and plagued by depression, Pellizzeri was so down and out […]

Dyslexia bill should help more kids reach their potential at school

by Linda Hicks – Jennifer Hillman of Vilonia describes her 10-year-old daughter, Molly, as a poster child for dyslexia. She’s smart, extremely talented but has low self-esteem. She also has problems with reading and spelling. Molly, Hillman said, struggles daily with self-confidence — a common symptom of dyslexia. “The biggest struggle for Molly has been […]

Service options become limited for young adults with autism turning 21

Travis Rohrer stocks eggs at the Giant supermarket in Leola.

by Jeff Hawkes – As clanging high in the church’s bell tower died away, Travis Rohrer, a husky 21-year-old with autism, prepared to record the Sunday service. In a Plexiglas-enclosed booth in the back of the church, Rohrer had control of geeky electronics and a view important to him: six twirling ceiling fans, four above […]

Information on Down Syndrome pamphlets should not come from legislators

by Paul Jablow – There is no escaping the fact that I’m an agnostic, pro-choice liberal still rooted in an era when people didn’t buy Ronald Reagan’s mantra that “government is the problem.” There is also no escaping – and no desire to escape – the fact that I have an absolutely wonderful daughter who […]