Cheerleader advocates for sister with Down syndrome to join varsity cheer team

by Jennifer Bauer – You could say cheerleading is in Alexia Guiton’s blood. Her older sister Brittany is on the varsity team at Manvel High School and so is her twin sister Alexis. “The reason I want her on the varsity team is because her twin sister is already on that squad and she would […]

Student with Down Syndrome celebrates getting college acceptance letter

by Nina Golgowski – When Noah Van Vooren was born with Down Syndrome, doctors told his parents “he’d never walk, talk or do anything,” said his father. Eighteen years later, Noah opened his college acceptance letter as his proud parents watched him read out loud the gratifying, in-your-face news. “It says Dear Noah, yes, you […]

Struggles with dyslexia shape artist’s career and work

by Ellen Rolfes – Rebecca Kamen’s sculptures appear as delicate as the brain itself. Thin, green branches stretch from a colorful mass of vein-like filaments. The branches, made from pieces of translucent mylar and stained with diluted acrylic paint, are so delicate that they sway slightly when mounted to the wall. Perched on various parts […]

Teacher is retaliated against after advocating for special education students

By Rachel Stockman A Polk County special education teacher filed a federal lawsuit claiming he was harassed and retaliated against after he tried to advocate for children with disabilities in his class. In 2013, Robert Furr won Teacher of the Year from the Georgia Career Technical and Agricultural Education. Not even a year later, Furr […]

College senior works to raise Down syndrome awareness

Alexandra Dempsey, senior education major.

by Katie Canales – As graduation approaches, many college seniors have on their minds questions about student loans and how to make it in the real world. For senior Alexandra Dempsey, the end of the semester brings something else entirely — a push to raise $2,200 through Peace, Love & Down Syndrome, a self-started project. […]

Actor with Down syndrome featured in new film about hope and redemption

by Lauren Smart – When Chris Dowling began writing his film Produce, he didn’t know he was writing a film about down syndrome. “I wanted to write a story about faith,” he says. “And then as I was working on the film’s narrative, I realized there had to be a character with this childlike faith […]

Author publishes mystery story inspired by dyslexic grandson


When dyslexia put David Turp’s grandson off reading David set about publishing an adventure story that was right up his street. Two years ago then thirteen-year-old Luke told his grandfather David, from Pinchbeck, he dreamed of leaving school and becoming a detective. “It was then that I decided to write an exciting detective story using […]

Susan Boyle relieved by Asperger’s diagnosis

by Pam Wright – Back in December when Susan Boyle revealed that she had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, she never realized how her life would change. Throughout most of her life, the 52-year-old Scottish singer — who rose to fame on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 — was considered “brain damaged” by doctors, was called “Susie Simple” as a […]

Couple with Down syndrome plans wedding


by Jocelyn Tatum – Austin Wayne Underwood was born in 1978 with Down syndrome. His mother has since spent her life fighting to make sure he would have a normal life. She fought the Fort Worth school system that tried to keep him segregated so he could go to Ridglea Hills. She even found a […]

Searching for a communication channel to my autistic child

by Hanna Rosin – Many children on the autism spectrum develop affinities, or what we might call obsessions. They focus on things like train schedules, maps, baseball scores, video games, or, in the case of Owen Suskind, the subject of his father, Ron Suskind’s, new book, Life, Animated, classic Disney movies. We could also call […]

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