Parents raise concerns over proposed cuts to special ed graduate programs

Lydia Ruiz and Melissa Saunders are graduating from Fairfax County Public Schools this June.

by Janelle Germanos – Diana Martin, a Fairfax Station resident, was already losing sleep thinking about how she was going to balance the post-grad needs of her daughter Kenzie with her husband’s chemo and medical care. Now, she is even more concerned as funding for the programs that help special education graduates from Fairfax County […]

Using the prom to teach daily living skills

Two students in the fashion class at Wisconsin Dells High School.

by Anna Krejci – A special education teacher at Wisconsin Dells High School is making sure her students have a memorable prom. Prom is April 26 at Wisconsin Dells High School, and Mary Bebber, a special education teacher of 20 years, is using her own time and a school van to take six of her […]

When you’re dealing with a disability you need to be ahead of the game

When Denise Rose thinks about her son, Andrew, graduating in two more years she gets very emotional. “I expect it to be one of my proudest moments as well as one of my most nerve-wracking.” That’s because Andrew, who is autistic, currently receives most of his therapies and resources through the Saugerties Central School District. […]

Inclusive preschool program teachers earn recognition

by Jennifer Fedor – Research emphasizes that strong early learning programs dictate future academic success for all students. On March 25, at Green Acres Recreational Center on Main Street in Fairfax, Halley Elementary School teachers Rebecca Bailey and Joni Smith received the Exemplary Inclusive Practice Award from Fairfax County Preschool Division of Early Childhood Education. […]

District plan aims for inclusion of all special ed students

by Victoria Wolk – Every three years, school districts in Pennsylvania are required to submit special education plans, which describe the education each district is providing to its special education students, to the state’s department of education. At the North Penn School District’s school board work session Tuesday night, the district’s plan for 2014 through […]

Frustrated parents form a dyslexia awareness and support group

by Steve Stein – One by one, a half-dozen parents overcome by emotion told District 709 administrators and School Board members their stories. They described the frustrations of watching their children struggle mightily in the classroom and then of their relief after a diagnosis of dyslexia led to sessions with private tutors that resulted in […]

State gets report card on special education

by Chelsea Davis – Special education students are getting the help they need as they go through school, but a new state report shows they may lack support as they near graduation. The Oregon Department of Education released the Oregon School District Special Education and Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education programs report cards for the […]

Despite being the most common learning disability, dyslexia lags in resources

by Deanna Garcia – Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability which makes it hard for those who have it to learn to read and write. According the Pennsylvania branch of the International Dyslexia Association, it’s the most common learning disability. “15 to 20 percent of the population have some level of dyslexia.” said Pittsburgh region […]

Full range of special needs services are provided in Montcalm County Schools

by Kathleen Flynn – Assisting students to make progress in the general curriculum is the role of every school educator, including special education staff. In Montcalm County, the local school districts, as well as the Montcalm Area Intermediate School District (MAISD), employ many staff who provide programs and services to children beginning at birth and […]

By preschool, the signs of reading problems are clear

by Nancy M. Scharff – Most people know the word dyslexia, but few understand it. Diane Reott is one local parent who knows a great deal about it. She just wishes she had learned it earlier for the sake of her son. People generally think dyslexia means switching letters or having difficulty learning to read. […]

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