Student with Down syndrome grows academically in an inclusive classroom

by Clare Colley – Math is the most difficult school subject for 13-year-old Annie Lee, but thanks to a revolutionary new approach to teaching maths to people with Down syndrome it’s now also her favorite. Annie and her Year 6 teacher Melanie Stratford at St Benedict’s Primary School in Narrabundah have been part of an […]

Mother’s advocacy efforts support students with autism

by James D. Watts Jr. – Many visitors to the home of Keenan and Kim Grayson are greeted by their highly energetic and enthusiastically vocal 10-year-old son, Asher. Like many young people his age, Asher has his favorite TV shows – ones that have been recorded and that he flips through by swiping the tablet […]

School has dyslexia simulation to raise awareness

by David Kaplan – It’s mischaracterized, miscommunicated and misunderstood, but some estimates say fifteen to twenty percent of people have some form of it. There’s a lot more to dyslexia than meets the eye, and that’s exactly what one Roanoke school is trying to get across. North Cross has the Crosswalk program which aims to […]

Dyslexia legislation may not be enough to prepare students for college

by Jeremy Grossman – A parent has expressed concern that students who may be dyslexic are not receiving proper support from the Freehold Regional High School District in order to be prepared for college. The Freehold Township resident, who said her 10-year-old son has dyslexia, approached the Board of Education recently about adopting a comprehensive dyslexia policy. “I have […]

District to pilot intervention program for students with dyslexia

by John Best – The Pen Argyl Area School District could be one of six districts statewide to participate in the Dyslexia and Early Literacy Intervention Pilot Program. The Pennsylvania Department of Education recently interviewed Pen Argyl Area School District officials as part of a process to find the most appropriate schools to test the […]

Managing the sensory needs of students with autism

by Pamela Gross – Like any child, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have wide variety of academic abilities. They also happen to have sensory challenges too. Some children with autism are hypersensitive. Others are hyposensitive. Some children have extreme sensitivity to touch, sight, smells, hearing and taste while others have an extreme lack of sensory abilities. […]

School districts have a shortage of special education teachers

by Audrey L. Hollingshead – Castro Valley Unified is short on Special Education teachers, leaving some students on the spectrum with substitute teachers still in training. The growing demand for more special education teachers is due to not only having better tools to diagnose autism, but a rise in autism over all. Proctor special education […]

Taekwondo becomes after-school activity for students with special needs


by Chelsey Abercrombie – Connor Daniel, a 12-year-old student at Ava White Academy in Gainesville, searched longer than most 12-year-olds for an after-school activity. He tried a martial arts class at a studio outside of Hall County, but the instructor was not able to work with his particular circumstances. Connor Daniel has epilepsy, causing him […]

Using school architecture to enhance learning

For a school environment to be adaptive, it doesn’t need lots of moving parts. It’s not about the ubiquitous moving partitions that subdivide one large classroom into two marginal ones, requiring lots of time and effort along the way. So what then, can make a building truly adaptive? To a highly-trained instructor, an adaptive environment […]