Special ed students enjoy prom dance

by Sarah Womer – Special education students danced the afternoon away with their peers in the Cibola High School gymnasium on Thursday during one of the biggest highlights of their high school years. Annually, the campus holds a Special Services Spring Social to not only honor their students for their achievements, but to also give […]

How support groups help graduating senior with disabilities

By Mandi Cardosi – There’s a lot of pressure on students these days to immediately choose the roads they want to follow. But, does that mean it has to be the road less traveled? Graduating seniors can be tormented with questions: Go to college? Start a family? Get a job? The questions immediately bombard the […]

Inclusion model helps students with disabilities perform better academically


by Keith Momberg – Pam Hickox no longer worries about whether her son is included at school. Her third-grader, born with Down syndrome, is placed in classes with students who don’t have disabilities. Normally, students with disabilities are pulled out. Newberry Elementary School has been trying new technology to ease interaction between special education students […]

Teacher training could help narrow student achievement gap

by Sara Newman – Achievement gaps are high, and the required standards are not being met for students in special education, through no fault of the teachers, but rather, through a lack of central office support, Christina Harris, director of special education, told members of the Calvert County Board of Education at their meeting Thursday. […]

How a district plans to close the gap between students with disabilities and their nondisabled peers

by Anastasia Dawson – Special-education students in Pinellas County schools are performing well below the level of their peers across the state, but a new plan could turn things around before Florida schools transition to a new set of education standards next school year. Only 21 percent of about 12,900 students in exceptional-student education programs […]

Parents raise concerns over proposed cuts to special ed graduate programs

Lydia Ruiz and Melissa Saunders are graduating from Fairfax County Public Schools this June.

by Janelle Germanos – Diana Martin, a Fairfax Station resident, was already losing sleep thinking about how she was going to balance the post-grad needs of her daughter Kenzie with her husband’s chemo and medical care. Now, she is even more concerned as funding for the programs that help special education graduates from Fairfax County […]

Using the prom to teach daily living skills

Two students in the fashion class at Wisconsin Dells High School.

by Anna Krejci – A special education teacher at Wisconsin Dells High School is making sure her students have a memorable prom. Prom is April 26 at Wisconsin Dells High School, and Mary Bebber, a special education teacher of 20 years, is using her own time and a school van to take six of her […]

When you’re dealing with a disability you need to be ahead of the game

When Denise Rose thinks about her son, Andrew, graduating in two more years she gets very emotional. “I expect it to be one of my proudest moments as well as one of my most nerve-wracking.” That’s because Andrew, who is autistic, currently receives most of his therapies and resources through the Saugerties Central School District. […]

Inclusive preschool program teachers earn recognition

by Jennifer Fedor – Research emphasizes that strong early learning programs dictate future academic success for all students. On March 25, at Green Acres Recreational Center on Main Street in Fairfax, Halley Elementary School teachers Rebecca Bailey and Joni Smith received the Exemplary Inclusive Practice Award from Fairfax County Preschool Division of Early Childhood Education. […]

District plan aims for inclusion of all special ed students

by Victoria Wolk – Every three years, school districts in Pennsylvania are required to submit special education plans, which describe the education each district is providing to its special education students, to the state’s department of education. At the North Penn School District’s school board work session Tuesday night, the district’s plan for 2014 through […]

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