Community rallies for allowing girl’s service dog at school

by Jamiese Price – Heather Pereira is a school physiologist where she regularly advocates for children, but her biggest fight today is for her daughter in the Gates Chili Central School District. “This is my daughter. I got to do this. She deserves it,” said Pereira. Her 7-year-old Devyn Rose has a rare genetic condition, […]

Study shows no increase in autism

by Julia Belluz – If you were to believe newspaper reports and anecdotal evidence about autism, you probably think rates of the disorder are exploding around the world. But a new study — the most extensive review of the data on the global prevalence and incidence of autism, published in the journal Psychological Medicine — actually found rates have […]

Parents advocate for autistic daughter’s education

by Denise Amos – What is an appropriate education for a 9-year-old girl who is nonverbal because she has severe autism and is so developmentally delayed that she is not potty trained and will eat things that are not food? Asa and Priscilla Maass say their daughter, Abigail, has not had an appropriate education at […]

Let’s not fear an autism label

by Leigh Merryday – Somewhere out there — right now — is a parent who just heard something she didn’t like. Someone who loves or works with her child suggested her precious, perfect baby may have a form of autism spectrum disorder. There are signs. Her child is most likely developmentally delayed in significant ways. He may […]

Intellectual delays in Down syndrome may be preventable

An extra copy of chromosome 21

by Jenni Laidman, Scientific American – People born with Down syndrome have always been considered to be incurably developmentally delayed—until now. In the past few years a number of laboratories have uncovered critical drug targets within disabled chemical pathways in the brain that might be restored with medication. At least two clinical trials are currently […]

New Orleans Struggles to Provide For Special-Needs Students

by  Kari Harden – When Kelly Fisher moved to New Orleans four years ago, she never imagined finding a school for her son would be such a battle. Noah has multiple disabilities — he is blind, autistic and developmentally delayed. When Fischer and her husband (who grew up in New Orleans) relocated in 2009 from […]

Families of Children with Severe Disabilities are Not Alone

by Susan Frey – The families of children with severe disabilities can receive help through different state agencies. In California, the Children’s Services Program helps those kids until they are 21-years-old, and then, the County Public Health Department will help them transition out. Two-year-old Mireya Pulido is like any other toddler.  She is learning how to walk and talk, […]

Organization Offers Support for Families of Kids with Special Needs

by Patrick Danner – The hard work of raising a family can become more difficult when a child suffers from a chronic illness or disability, experts with one local nonprofit explain. “The impact the birth of a child with special needs has on the family is immense,” Any Baby Can says in a description of […]

For Down Syndrome, “Angel” Makes Parent No Happier Than “Retard”

Symbols, labels and representations -- in media, literature and our daily conversations -- shape reality.

David M. Perry – “It breaks my heart to think how many people would not have chosen to keep that precious angel.” — Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, speaking about abortion and Down syndrome at the 2012 National Convention. “I highly approve of (Mitt) Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.” — […]