Famous People Who Overcame Learning Disabilities

George Washington's inability to spell despite his education has been attributed to a form of dyslexia.

by Frank Mazzaglia – Parents are understandably upset to hear that one of their children has a learning disability. This is a disorder generally characterized by difficulty in understanding or using spoken or written language. Overcoming learning difficulties can be challenging and stressful. Yet, there are famous figures whose very disabilities have been instrumental in […]

Learning Disabilities Advocate Diagnosed with Dyslexia as an Adult


by Pat Krochmal – Eileen Gold Kushner is a successful business woman today because she refuses to acknowledge the word “can’t.” Kushner, who has been challenged by reading and math her entire life, discovered she had learning disabilities at 39 when she was married and the mother of three children. But how she overcame those […]

Horseback Riding Helps Much More than my Physical Disability

The skills I developed riding have transformed my life.

by Micah J. Vail – I became involved in therapeutic horseback riding several years ago to help overcome my physical disabilities and strengthen my leg muscles. I suffered brain damage at birth, and before I started riding I had great difficulty balancing when I walked. My gait had no rhythm and I dragged my feet […]