Are segregated special education schools more effective than integrated schools?

Do Autistic Kids Fare Better In Integrated Or Specialized Schools? : NPR

by Deena Prichep – The federal law that governs special education lays out the goals pretty clearly: Students are entitled to an appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. But some parents of children with autism feel their local public schools aren’t meeting their kids’ needs. And with autism diagnoses rising, new schools are […]

This Generation Has Friendlier Playgounds


The parents of children with learning disabilities often worry about how nuerotypical peers will treat their kids. Maybe they remember the harsh teasing or bullying they suffered (or gave) as kids, but this generation is different. by Nan Austin – Brock Blakeley struggles with schoolwork, but making friends comes easy — especially when kids such […]

Least Restrictive Environment is Different for Each Individual

Closure of  two New Jersey developmental centers leaves families with limited placement choices for their relatives with disabilities.

by Deborah Smith – On Feb. 26, Governor Christie announced his plans to increase his commitment to New Jerseyans with disabilities by moving away from a system that has historically focused on institutionalization to one that emphasizes home- and community-based services and support. Christie said his commitment is to provide people with disabilities the ability […]