Athlete with Down Syndrome Bests Nuero-Typical Peers

Jon has quickly gained the respect of his neuro-typical peers.

Some athletes need “modifications” to compete, and some – like Jon Stoklosa, despite enormous odds against them, beat their disabilities as well as the competition. One man with Down syndrome has overcome the odds to become a champion weightlifter. Not just in Special Olympics competitions –  he regularly beats the best of his non-disabled opponents. 31-year-old […]

Power Lifting Champion with Down Syndrome Inspires Opponents

Special Olympics gold medalist Jon Stoklosa now competes with athletes without disabilities.

Sitting at the kitchen table in his family’s Newark home, Jon Stoklosa comes across as a laid-back, almost shy guy. He answers questions with a word, preferring instead to look out the backyard window and let his parents, Hank and Liz, do the talking . But the medal he clasps in his right hand offers […]