Controversial Down’s Prenatal Test Hits Foreign Shores

Down's Syndrome advocates are concerned that the test will increase the Down's abortion rate.

A new prenatal test for Down’s syndrome hit the market in Germany and several other European countries Monday, the manufacturer said, amid a controversy over whether it could lead to more abortions. The product, marketed as PrenaTest and manufactured by German life sciences company LifeCodexx, “is targeted exclusively toward women in their 12th week of […]

Controversial Down’s Test Given Go Ahead Despite Abortion Fears

In the U.S. women abort 97 percent of fetus's that test positive for Down Syndrome.

The Swiss have decided to allow women to get a controversial pre-natal screening for Down’s, despite data showing that it leads to high abortion rates. The test involves screening blood samples from the pregnant woman for the presence of fetal Down’s syndrome. Testing will be available there from mid-August following a decision by the a government […]