Help kids with dyslexia by volunteering to create audio books

by Ashley Roten – Dyslexia is receiving more acknowledgement and awareness lately and is a growing problem for children and their ability to learn. Founded in 1948, national nonprofit Learning Ally aims to provide children with dyslexia with audiobooks to help with their learning battles. Learning Ally also provide parents, families and educators tools to […]

District to pilot intervention program for students with dyslexia

by John Best – The Pen Argyl Area School District could be one of six districts statewide to participate in the Dyslexia and Early Literacy Intervention Pilot Program. The Pennsylvania Department of Education recently interviewed Pen Argyl Area School District officials as part of a process to find the most appropriate schools to test the […]

New Jersey implements new dyslexia screening bill

by Diane D’amico –  The state Department of Education has notified schools districts about how they should begin implementing new laws to address dyslexia and other reading disabilities. Advocates who fought to get the laws said they are a beginning, but more should also be done to also make parents aware of the laws and services for […]

Dyslexia Cause Thought to Be Found

by Brent Matsalla – Scientists believe that between 10 and 15 percent of the U.S. population suffers from dyslexia. However, a new study has found that the cause of Dyslexia is a fault in a subject’s brain wiring that occurs between the left and right sides of their brain. Scientists believe that between 10 and […]

Dyslexia Doesn’t Stop Me from Being Great

Estella Dior is breaking down the myths about dyslexia.

by Estella Dior – I am dyslexic. I am not dumb. Yes, I can read. No, I do not stutter. October is National Dyslexia Awareness Month and it is time we take away the stigma that comes with being diagnosed with this disability. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I was never properly diagnosed with […]

How to teach … dyslexia awareness

by Emily Drabble – One in ten people in the UK are dyslexic, which works out at around three students in each classroom. A report by the Driver Youth Trust reveals that more than half of the teachers they surveyed received no specific training on dyslexia. As it’s Dyslexia Awareness Week (14-20 October), the Guardian […]

These Days They Call it Dyslexia

If you have a child struggling with a learning disability, it helps to know stories with a happy ending. by Judith Silva –  I saw the image, above, circulating on Facebook and it sparked a rainbow of memories and images through my mind. The child’s response is not wrong. It’s honest and innocent and right. […]

She Paused Over the Word as her Brain Struggled to Decode It

Ashley Jones

by Steve Garbacz – As the Franklin College graduate read a headline out loud, she paused slightly when she came to the last word. The pause was brief, barely noticeable, as if she were taking a breath mid-sentence. But Ashley Jones explained that the brief stop in her voice is a result of her brain […]

The Power of a Learning Disability

The author's first installment in a fantasy adventure series.

by Gary KartonAuthor – When I was in third grade, a teacher I didn’t know walked into my reading class, called my name, and then led me down the hall and into her office. “Do you know why you’re here?” she asked, offering me a seat at a table next to her desk. I shook […]

Early Reading Accountability Push Increases Retention Rate

In some places, retention has morphed from an educational issue into a political fight.

  by Lyndsey Layton – A growing number of states are drawing a hard line in elementary school, requiring children to pass a reading test in third grade or be held back from fourth grade. Thirteen states last year adopted laws that require schools to identify, intervene and, in many cases, retain students who fail […]