Unified Sports Program Combines Students with and without Disabilities

Unified sports allows students with special needs to play in the same team with non-disabled peers.

by Gretchen Phillips – It wasn’t until high school that Mike Sartori, 18, found his favorite sport. Now, Sartori, a senior with special needs at Henry E. Lackey High School, talks about his bocce team with pride. He said he loves being a part of a team that focuses less on eligibility and more on […]

Parents React to Improved Sports Access for Students with Disabilities

Alex Maughan's teammates say he bring the fun of the sport into the team.

by Amy Donaldson – Alex Maughan isn’t going to help the Jordan wrestling team win any titles. But what the 16-year-old sophomore adds to the team — and to the lives of the young wrestlers — is immeasurable. “He’s really fun,” said senior Michael Neddo, an academic all-state wrestler. “He brings a lot more energy […]