How support groups help graduating senior with disabilities

By Mandi Cardosi – There’s a lot of pressure on students these days to immediately choose the roads they want to follow. But, does that mean it has to be the road less traveled? Graduating seniors can be tormented with questions: Go to college? Start a family? Get a job? The questions immediately bombard the […]

Teacher is retaliated against after advocating for special education students

By Rachel Stockman A Polk County special education teacher filed a federal lawsuit claiming he was harassed and retaliated against after he tried to advocate for children with disabilities in his class. In 2013, Robert Furr won Teacher of the Year from the Georgia Career Technical and Agricultural Education. Not even a year later, Furr […]

Triage in special needs families

by Leigh Merryday – When it comes to loving, nurturing, and meeting the needs of one’s children, the term “triage” doesn’t come to mind. No mother holds a sleeping baby in the wee hours of the night and ever imagines a reality in which that child’s needs rank below another’s. I certainly didn’t. I know […]

Nations largest district to change how students with special needs are assigned to schools

by Patrick Wall – When Chancellor Carmen Fariña took the podium at a conference Saturday for families of children with disabilities, many parents were eager to learn how she planned to steer the city’s special education overhaul, which is dramatically changing how students with special needs are assigned to schools. But Fariña didn’t talk about the […]

More evidence that charter schools push-out students with learning disabilities

Charter School Refugees -

by Andrea Gabor -  Last week, the New York State Legislature struck a deal ensuring that charter schools in New York City would have access to space, either in already crowded public school buildings or in rented spaces largely paid for by the city. Over the next few years, charters are expected to serve an […]

Why parents have to fight to get services and accommodations

by Diane E. Morris – The stories of my life as a special needs parent are often emotional and personal. But there’s also a wonky side to my world, because I have to have some understanding of budgets and policies in order to effectively advocate for my two boys with autism. Sometimes, what I learn […]

The strongest support for families with special needs comes from each other

M&L Special Needs Planning, LLC is committed to providing quality services and support to families with special needs. As a part of that commitment, M&L Special Needs Planning is happy to introduce an invaluable group, The Special Needs Support Centre in New Hampshire.The company feels that becoming involved in the special needs community and becoming […]

Parents share their concerns over special education and the common core

by Dan Levy – Just one day after the New York State Board of Regents announced they would be slowing down implementation of the Common Core reforms, a group of special stakeholders held a public forum Tuesday night at Farnsworth Middle School in Guilderland to remind the state Board of Regents even more needs to […]

Study recommends 5 ways district can improve special education services

Dr. Bernard Josefsberg, Schools Superintendent

by Kaitlin Bradshaw – Frustrated, defensive, stonewalled — these are just a few of the words Redding, Connecticut parents had to describe past instances with the special education department during the tri-board of education meeting. Parents, mostly from Redding, were present to hear the results of the special education study. After hearing the recommendations by […]

Fed to pay for devices used to track children with autism

by Tina Susman – The tragic case of Avonte Oquendo, a 14-year-old with autism who was found dead three months after running away from school, prompted Justice Department officials this week to expand a program to help parents obtain tracking devices for children with autism. The announcement Wednesday means that federal grant funds, which already […]

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