The top 4 tips for parenting an introverted child


by Miley Adalson – Are you concerned because your child is not outgoing and doesn’t have many friends? Do you want your child to make friends and hang out with them instead of sitting along in the room? Parents consider this behavior to be abnormal or simply wrong. They don’t want their children to be shy […]

People wish we would just go away

By Dennis Rosen – It had been several months since I had last seen my patient, and even longer since I’d seen his mother. He was 3 and unable to walk or talk, and when I caught his eye, his face broke open into a huge smile, accompanied by the grunting and rhythmic thrusting of […]

A place where my children are valued for their special abilities

With John and Sara.

by Stephanie A. Pratico – Many parents have or will experience the joy of their high school senior receiving college acceptance letters. In my list of dreams for my children, that falls somewhere toward the bottom. When my son John, 20, and my daughter, Sara, 15, were born with Down syndrome, I knew the likelihood […]

Career and home balance is source of teacher stress

by Chris Traber – The vast majority of teachers are torn between professional and personal responsibilities and stressed by workloads and lack of time, a Canadian Teachers’ Federation survey published Monday said. The Quest for Teacher Work-Life Balance, the largest online survey of teachers ever conducted by the federation, revealed more than nine out of […]

How it feels be the parent of a child with special needs

I’ve debated posting this letter a million times. Mostly because I know I have readers who will not get this. Some readers won’t because they love me and my family and Lily so much…they just don’t ever want us to hurt. So to prevent that hurt — or stop it — they will say things […]

How support groups help graduating senior with disabilities

By Mandi Cardosi – There’s a lot of pressure on students these days to immediately choose the roads they want to follow. But, does that mean it has to be the road less traveled? Graduating seniors can be tormented with questions: Go to college? Start a family? Get a job? The questions immediately bombard the […]

Teacher is retaliated against after advocating for special education students

By Rachel Stockman A Polk County special education teacher filed a federal lawsuit claiming he was harassed and retaliated against after he tried to advocate for children with disabilities in his class. In 2013, Robert Furr won Teacher of the Year from the Georgia Career Technical and Agricultural Education. Not even a year later, Furr […]

Triage in special needs families

by Leigh Merryday – When it comes to loving, nurturing, and meeting the needs of one’s children, the term “triage” doesn’t come to mind. No mother holds a sleeping baby in the wee hours of the night and ever imagines a reality in which that child’s needs rank below another’s. I certainly didn’t. I know […]

Nations largest district to change how students with special needs are assigned to schools

by Patrick Wall – When Chancellor Carmen Fariña took the podium at a conference Saturday for families of children with disabilities, many parents were eager to learn how she planned to steer the city’s special education overhaul, which is dramatically changing how students with special needs are assigned to schools. But Fariña didn’t talk about the […]